Friday, August 10, 2012

The Monday of All Mondays: 2 Damaged Tires

The first 5 weeks of school have been more than hectic! Which is why I haven't been able to post on here, in case you were wondering.  I did however find my 8 gig SD card! It was in one of the spots that I put it so I wont lose it.. which was in a pocket in my wallet. I was looking for a receipt or card of some sort and stumbled upon my SD card. Needless to say, I was very happy!

Since my last post a lot of stuff has happened. A monday at the beginning of the quarter I had to use my spare tire to get to work. Let me explain.. The night before my Dad noticed a giant rusty nail sticking out of my tire at a weird angle. So in an attempt to be proactive I was going to put my spare tire on before the night was over. Well I couldn't get my stupid jack out of the car.. I couldn't make it smaller the first 2 times I tried, but the third time worked!

Then I couldn't figure out where to put it on the frame. I know how to change a tire, I've not only been shown how millions of times but I've done it :). I like beating statistics. Well my neighbor came over and changed my tire, when I only needed him to find out where to put it so I could do it. But I def appreciated not getting on the ground anymore.
  The next morning at the crack of dawn I head off to work, the back way since I don't want to drive over 55 mph on my donut. I was about half way to work when I heard this weird noise and my dashboard lite up like a christmas tree.. I pulled over and sure enough my donut was flat!

At that point I was stuck, I called work let them know what was going on and called my parents for some help. Shortly my Dad was there to the rescue. There was a HOLE in my tire.. no nail just a hole about the size of a dime.. My Dad plugged it so I could at least get to work and then to the dealership to get a replacement.

After work I went to the Honda dealership close by, but found out that they don't do the same warranty as the dealership in Arlington, which is where I got my car. So I made my way to Arlington, only to have my tire deflate.. I wasn't even out of Dallas yet and I couldn't go anywhere.

I parked myself at the closest gas station and Chris and I (mainly Chris) figured out how to fix the situation. After many calls, Chris sent a tow truck my way to take my poor little car to Arlington. Luckily my mom was there to keep me company.

The dealership gave me a tire to use since they had to order me a new tire. A couple days later they called letting me know that my tire was there and that they were ready for me to make the switch. I ended up waiting over 3 hours for them to change my dang tire!! Come to find out my tire really wasn't there and made me late for class that night. I was beyond frustrated. Also, they couldn't fix my spare and my warranty doesn't cover the spare.. Which I don't understand why it isn't covered its a tire and my tires were covered, but whatever.
  My lights are still on my dashboard but I just haven't had time to drive all the way back out to Arlington to get them to look at it. Hopefully here soon I will be able to. Ever since then I've appreciated even the bad days, because that was possibly the worst day I have came into contact so far.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

10 Lovely Teacups

It's not hard to tell that I love teacups, so here is a 10 lovelies of teacup stuff. :)

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