Thursday, October 27, 2011


I am very pleased to report that this deployment is OVER!!! My hubby is now stateside and safe. :) I, of course couldn't talk about when he was coming home before hand, not that I've had much time to do much of anything, other than hw and work. Anywho, I got to see him right after he got off the bus on base. I couldn't find him but my bestie marine wife Christina found him and yelled for me lol. I almost started crying I was so happy. Just being able to touch him and talk to him was more than enough for me. Its crazy how much more you appreciate things when your world get turned upside down.
I'm not sure if I will ever finish my vent post, who knows, maybe down the line I will get really frustrated and feel the need to share my feelings. I am just so ecstatic that I get to see my hubby! This past weekend I flew out to California to see him get off the bus and then go to L.A. and just spend some time with him. It was pretty much like a second honeymoon. It was awesome! It's really hard to explain if you haven't experienced going without your loved one for over 6 months and having them in a combat zone. There is a sense of peace, but yet it is surreal that he was actually there and that I could hold his hands. That if the internet cut out he wouldn't disappear, in the middle of a conversation. I'm just so happy that he is home, for good.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Start of a Good Month

Fall quarter started for me on this past Monday, with the start of my 16 credit hours for 11 weeks. I am so excited because most of my classes are on the computer so I will be creating a whole lot more than the past couple quarters. I'm super excited!!! I'm in Type 3: Experimentation and Expression, Introduction to Humanities, Digital Photography for Design, Web Scripting and Digital Grid systems. I'm so stocked because every single one of these classes looks fun, in their own way of course.
My hubby will be home soon, which is another reason why I'm excited. As of yesterday morning I am now employed!! Mainly excited because I know I wont get screwed over at this job, and it is steady. I start this weekend!
  Last week I started a vent post, that I need to finish. Soon you will see how I feel about a certain issue and how some people aggravate me. Mind you, I'm not doing it to yell at anyone, I am simply voicing my frustrations that I know other people are going through as well.
  Oh, I've had to get rid of some clothes since I've been growing and exercising a lot more. My clothes are either dieing from having them so long, don't fit or I rarely ever wear. Which has forced me to be a little more experimental with what I wear since I'm wearing heels a lot more. I like it though. I will be getting some more clothes so don't worry lol.

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