Friday, August 10, 2012

The Monday of All Mondays: 2 Damaged Tires

The first 5 weeks of school have been more than hectic! Which is why I haven't been able to post on here, in case you were wondering.  I did however find my 8 gig SD card! It was in one of the spots that I put it so I wont lose it.. which was in a pocket in my wallet. I was looking for a receipt or card of some sort and stumbled upon my SD card. Needless to say, I was very happy!

Since my last post a lot of stuff has happened. A monday at the beginning of the quarter I had to use my spare tire to get to work. Let me explain.. The night before my Dad noticed a giant rusty nail sticking out of my tire at a weird angle. So in an attempt to be proactive I was going to put my spare tire on before the night was over. Well I couldn't get my stupid jack out of the car.. I couldn't make it smaller the first 2 times I tried, but the third time worked!

Then I couldn't figure out where to put it on the frame. I know how to change a tire, I've not only been shown how millions of times but I've done it :). I like beating statistics. Well my neighbor came over and changed my tire, when I only needed him to find out where to put it so I could do it. But I def appreciated not getting on the ground anymore.
  The next morning at the crack of dawn I head off to work, the back way since I don't want to drive over 55 mph on my donut. I was about half way to work when I heard this weird noise and my dashboard lite up like a christmas tree.. I pulled over and sure enough my donut was flat!

At that point I was stuck, I called work let them know what was going on and called my parents for some help. Shortly my Dad was there to the rescue. There was a HOLE in my tire.. no nail just a hole about the size of a dime.. My Dad plugged it so I could at least get to work and then to the dealership to get a replacement.

After work I went to the Honda dealership close by, but found out that they don't do the same warranty as the dealership in Arlington, which is where I got my car. So I made my way to Arlington, only to have my tire deflate.. I wasn't even out of Dallas yet and I couldn't go anywhere.

I parked myself at the closest gas station and Chris and I (mainly Chris) figured out how to fix the situation. After many calls, Chris sent a tow truck my way to take my poor little car to Arlington. Luckily my mom was there to keep me company.

The dealership gave me a tire to use since they had to order me a new tire. A couple days later they called letting me know that my tire was there and that they were ready for me to make the switch. I ended up waiting over 3 hours for them to change my dang tire!! Come to find out my tire really wasn't there and made me late for class that night. I was beyond frustrated. Also, they couldn't fix my spare and my warranty doesn't cover the spare.. Which I don't understand why it isn't covered its a tire and my tires were covered, but whatever.
  My lights are still on my dashboard but I just haven't had time to drive all the way back out to Arlington to get them to look at it. Hopefully here soon I will be able to. Ever since then I've appreciated even the bad days, because that was possibly the worst day I have came into contact so far.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

10 Lovely Teacups

It's not hard to tell that I love teacups, so here is a 10 lovelies of teacup stuff. :)


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Going to be a Busy Bee.. or Owl.

School has started back up for me as of yesterday (woohoo, yippee!) Just from being in class yesterday, I can tell I'm going to have a lot on my plate. This week and next week I work 5 days, which is good money wise but that leaves little time for anything else other than work and school. I'll be working during the day and then going to class at night (Hello sleepless nights). Hopefully it won't be too bad, but coffee will definitely be my best friend for the next couple of months. A little while last week I just did a quick little owl that I thought was adorable.
Its funny I didn't plan on him being blue but it just happened that way. I don't know what it is recently but everything I pick is some type of blue. Off to class I go!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

SD Card, Oh Where Can You Be?!

I cannot find my 8gig SD card that I use for my DSLR Nikon D40. :( I've been looking for it for days and it cannot be found. Watch it will be in under the couch cushions, haha. I normally put it away when I'm done putting files on my hard drive but not this time. I might have just been in a rush and put it some where.. but I looked in all of those spots lol.
While I am working on the problem, I will be editing photos that I did save. Hopefully I put all of them on my computer now that I think about it. Good greif.. 

Here is a preview of what I was working on. This is my all time favorite of my little Busa. Even though he was on his leash the whole time he was just so ecstatic to be outside and at the lake.
Out of all the photos that I had of us at the lake this (and a couple of others) are the only ones that I had saved to my hard drive. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will find my SD card!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Independence Day!!

I know, I'm a day late but that's alright. I've spent the last couple days celebrating! :) Which it just so happened none of my phone pictures turned out, but my friends took a couple. :) We went to Kaboom Town in Addison, which they did on the 3rd this year so it was a pre-celebration. We had a lot of fun. :)

Yesterday my mother-in-law treated me and the twins (and herself of course) to mani's and pedi's. This was mainly because it is Chris' parents 25th anniversary!! She was just sweet enough to treat me as well. Which I am very grateful for! I have been stressing a lot more then I should, and work and Chris moving everything is just having my head spin some times. We also had a picnic at their house, before the fireworks. My mom and I ended up leaving early due to me feeling ill. I didn't take any pictures, but I let the twins play with the water-proof camera.

 Yesterday all of my joints were in pain, mainly dull but every so often it would get really sharp and then go back to being dull. It was really weird but thank goodness I am fine today, so I can function normally. I did have a good 4th of July though!

How was your 4th of July?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shoe Style

I was watching Tv this morning and kept seeing a commercial for The only reason I was intrigued is because you take a quiz about your style and get a style profile. Here is mine.
I do have to say I love that red shoe! I really like neutrals, I don't know what it is about it but no matter how many bright colors I get I still go to my neutrals the most. Even if you don't buy anything its fun taking the quiz and seeing if its correct or not. I'd say mine hit the spot :).

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Mini Garden

My mom and I have started a little garden starting mainly with herbs. We have basil, mint peppermint, mint, lavender, parsley and cilantro. We also have a couple pepper and bell pepper plants, and a tomato plant. There might have been a couple that I left out but it is at least a start. I love having our mini garden type of thing, mainly because the mosquitos don't come on the patio but it cuts some of the costs especially since herbs are expensive.

Right now I am in the process of getting things from the apartment since I'm moving back with my parents for a little bit before, my best friend, Megan's lease is up in December. Hopefully everything will go according to plan and we can get a cute little apartment in Dallas.
I plan on doing something like what Elsie and Emma did on abeautifulmessThey have a tutorial on how to do hanging basket garden, it would work perfectly for an apartment with a patio. Can't wait to try it! :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Salmon Polka

Finally I get a chance to take pictures of one of my favorite outfits! It was a rainy day when I got the chance to take pictures, but thankfully I was able to do it before it started. :)
Last week was super hectic especially for being my first week of my break. I worked 5 days and ran my butt off every day. Needless to say I am exhausted and didn't really get a chance to do anything super productive like I wanted to. Good news is that I will have more time this week :) There is so much I want to create, just have to make time to do it. I also updated my portfolio for an inquiring merchandiser last week so every minute I had went to that and sleep. I'm just excited that I'm working a lot, not only at work but at home.

Hat from Charming Charlies.
Shirt and shorts from Forever 21.
Shoes from DSW.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Orange Starburst

When we had our garage sale awhile back I took some pictures of my moms flowers in her garden. I'm not exactly sure what kind of flower it is but it reminds me of a lilly. I absolutely love lilies. In our wedding I had different kinds of lilies in my bouquet and different places through out the reception. My favorite flower is the stargazer lily, there's just something about the colors and the shape that just tickles my fancy. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Finals this Week

The reason why things haven't been normal on here is due to my finals. This week has just been out of wack for me since Chris is now in Arizona and finals, and working. Trying my best to not stress out.
Last night we had a big thunderstorm here in Dallas and my poor car got hit and my windshield got chipped. :( But here are a couple of my ads that I turned in.

There are some slight changes that need to be done to the them but just haven't gotten around to them yet since I just got done with classes last night. These were for my photo art direction class. All the photos for the ads were taken by me. :)

Ad #1 - Mushroom beauty product (Weil)
Ad #2 - Forever 21
Ad #3 - Target brand bones (Boots & Barkley)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crawfish n' Besties

Saturday after I got off work I went to a crawfish boil at Queen City Tattoo with my best friend Megan. I didn't have any clothes to change into after work so I was pretty much in my workout gear that I wear under my uniform. Which consists of a tank top, little Nike shorts and my cross training shoes. All black. I felt kinda weird since that isn't the kind of stuff I wear on a normal basis but I still had a good time. Just felt a little weird, haha. I haven't ever been to a crawfish boil before but I absolutely loved it. All of the food was delicious! I couldn't stop eating it!

We were in a little space above the tattoo shop and on the roof, haha. They were talking about turning it into one or two little apartment spaces. It was so cute, it was run down some of the walls had brick exposed. I wouldn't mind living up there. Even if they didn't do a whole lot to it. Granted it would need some little things fixed but the loft style it has is just awesome.
I totally want to have my own crawfish boil! :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

10 Lovlies

great idea to make a boring vase into something better!

Grass cake print.

Anchor necklace
I want one so bad!

Air hanging terrarium.
If only I had a spot to hang this at!

Personalized hand stamped mother's day necklace.
Even though mother's day has already passed, I still like it.

Light bulb blackboard.

Music garland.

Cute little father's day card.

Cute vintage condiment and cutlery carts.

Mason drink lids/Ready for straws.
<3 Mason jars!
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