Saturday, February 26, 2011

Boot trees!!!

I've been making my wonderful Mom some boot trees for her boots, and I keep forgetting to take a picture of them before I send them but here are some pictures that she took of them. :)
 There's Jasper her little puppy shih tzu. Apparently when she pulled them out of the box he thought that they were toys and took off with one. :) I'm surprised Toby (my Golden Retriever) didn't snag one too.
 The peach colored ones were more of a test to see if I could do it with a circular part, and that was a no go, I dealt with so many issues with just that pair so I kept it simple for the other ones.
 My mom's lovely boots :)
I should probably make some for myself so my boots don't get ruined. 
If anyone wants to know how to make these I will gladly put a tutorial up with them. They are really simple to make. :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fancy night outfit

When I was first playing with my tripod I quickly put this outfit on. I didn't add any accessories with it tho but Ill use it in a different outfit later. I really like this dress, it shows off my slenderness and fits my body shape really well. It is from Forever 21 and my shoes I can't remember where I got them from but they were the shoes I wore to my rehearsal dinner, they have a cute little bow on the back. :) I normally wear a cardigan with this and wear different shoes but I thought I'd give these heels a try.

No school today so time to do some homework. woot.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Handmade Creations

This is my first freelance project that I have done as a student in graphic design, so it was pretty interesting.
About Handmade Creations:
It is a company run from the special education classrooms we make cards, notepads, magnets, dog treats, and gift tags. We will be expanding in to jewelry next year. I have also attached an order form to give you a better idea of what the items look like. They currently sell the products to teacher and staff in Wylie ISD.

Here are the logos that they had:

And here is what I came up with:
First rough of something she had envisioned. 

 This is what was the final product :) Which I am very happy with.
 And then these two were just recreations of what they had and what they liked.
 We stayed with the stamp concept because they really liked the way it looked. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Great Grandma's: Floral Braclet

Grands and I have very similar taste, we both love flowers. As you can tell from different things I've shown you, from her clutch, to my tote, to this bracelet. When I was in high school I wore this almost everyday but in doing so I ended up breaking it a couple times so I stopped wearing it.  Which explains the brokenness that doesn't look old.

Yesterday I dragged to get things done with my essay for English and my self portrait so it was a slow day not to mention both me and Chris were tired and didn't feel like doing anything but laying around and watch Tv.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am having some issues

I have a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet, and I've had it for quite some time now.. well I can't find my gosh darn pen... Ever since I moved us out here my pen has disappeared.. but I'm thinking that my lovely twin sisters got a hold of it before I left and think its just the coolest thing. (Which it doesn't help that it is bright blue.) So I am in search of a pen.. the only thing is that they are on back order, and have been for months now.. 
I'm looking into other tablets until I start bringing in some money that are cheaper. (I'm having issues with this because I love Wacom) I've found VisTablet  tablets and I can get' em with a student discount. It is just its so cheep! I'm scared that it's not going to do the job for me and/or mess up and then end up wasting money. I've found good reviews so far, which is good but I am still hesitant. Here is one thing that I have found... Vistablet review and Ive found other things on amazon. 
So if anyone has any suggestions or has dealt with different types of tablets please let me know.


I talked about a surprise for Chris while he was gone, and well I finished the basic part of it and he really likes it. It still needs a little bit of a touch up and then we are going to put color on it (or I am going to put the colors on it and he'll tell me yes or no lol).
All done on the computer. Before I knew how to use Illustrator I was drawing tons of different birds and phoenix's to figure out what Chris was wanting, but having it on the computer is sooooooo much better and I can go in and tweak it with out having to erase and redraw and stuff like that.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Work, play, work

The past couple days I've been spending lots of time with my Hubby :) I've also been working on a logo for a friend of mine, which has taken up time that I would've spent on here, but no biggie. :) Once the logo is fully finished I shall post it for y'all to take a look. As for my homework, I am working on my self portrait for digital illustration and coming up with a restaurant menu for grid systems. Here is the start of my self portrait, mind you I have a lot of work to do on it still but it is coming together well. :)

Apart from that, Little Chief Honeybee is having a very awesome give away. If you aren't already reading her blog I def. recommend it. Here is the link to her give away. <3
Have a good day loves!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


When I made my first blog at the very beginning of 2010, and named it Teacups and Trinkets. I changed the name of it so I could use it on this blog, and now don't use the old one anymore, but it is there if you would like to see. Anyways, the name, where did it come from? In my room I had multiple teacups and trinkets, which is pretty simple as to how I came up with the name. I just looked around and TADA lol. 
My favorite, favorite, favorite, teacup/teapot is this wonderful gift that I got from Darlene ages ago.
She got it from Urban Outfitters (one of my favorite stores). I use this one the most and I love it. It is awesome. I love the colors and I love the design. :)

I hand wash it every time I use it. One, because our dishwasher sucks, it is sooooooo old and has died so many times but it miraculously keeps coming back to life. And two, I don't want the design to come off or fade away, it's too cute lol.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

What a day! (beware this is a very wordy post)

My Friday started off well, I had plenty of time to get ready and I woke up later than normal, since I was enjoying the presence of my lovely hubby sleeping next to me. :) Which by the way he got back on Thursday from his month long of training, so I am more than ecstatic to have him home with me :). I forgot my sunglasses in our room, which I realized after I had already started the car.. I knew that this wasn't going to be that great of a day because of that right there. My drive to school, not the best; for those of you who don't know I am not a big fan of Cali drivers needless their stuck up attitude, but that isn't what the topic is about. It's like they don't pay attention to what is going around them. So I get to school and my ID had issues opening the door to get in, but one of my classmates was already inside and helped so that was nice :). My Psychology class was good, our topic was human sexuality. I took a human sexuality class back in Texas at my community college so this was more of a review, but more interesting because classes are better here at A.I. lol. On our break I needed something snack on so I wondered over to the snack machine and this is what happened.
My bag of chips get stuck, just by the top of the bag.. talk about awesome lol. The guy that was getting a drink out of the machine next to this one (who is also in my class) was like man that sucks lol you should shake it. Which I would've done if this machine wasn't over 200 pounds, one of my other classmates tried shaking it and there was no luck. So what did I do.. I hit it of course and made a bunch of noise :). If it doesn't work you hit it, that's my philosophy, (with things like this at least). Nothing worked so I prayed that if I bought another one that it would have 2 bags drop. As I put in the many coins into this machine there was now 4 of us around the machine in suspense waiting to see what was going to happen. Thank goodness both of them fell, we all cheered lol. :) I only wanted one bag but oh well.
Fridays are my long day at school, I have class from 8am to 5pm with a one hour break in between from noon to one. So normally when I get home I'm pretty drained since I get up at 5:30 -5:45 and leave by 6:30 to get there on time, and then getting home around 6:30 if not later depending on traffic. The good thing about Fridays is my Digital Illustration class which is my FUNNEST class. :) My professor always makes me smile, he's always so happy and it lightens my mood. I finally made it through both classes and headed home to rain. It barely ever rains in Cali. it took me a good 2 hours to get home and I was already exhausted. The people out here don't no how to drive when it rains, it's like when it ices in Texas everyone slows down, except out here they still can't drive but also slow wayyyyy down...for rain.
I get home to my lovely hubby and we get ready to go out to eat since we need to go grocery shopping. And we go to Kobe Steaks :), talk about YUMMM. I had never been to Kobe's, I've been to Benihanas which is also SUPER YUMM lol. Someone ended up taking our spot in the waiting so we got free tempura shrimp n veggies :) Me and Chris didn't really care that we were waiting since we were with each other and having a good time, its not like we were miserable or anything. But it was nice to get something for free :). By the time we left Kobe's we were  both ready to pass out but we had to make it home first lol. I stayed up with Chris on the drive since I knew if I fell asleep it would only make it an even more boring drive back home. I'm just glad my night was a hell of a lot better than my day :) 

Friday, February 18, 2011

loose stripes

I love this shirt. I have never been a big fan of baggie shirts but this one changed my mind. It's from Forever 21 along with the pants, which was in a previous post, which also has the same hat in it. The shoes are from Urban Outfitters, which I got about 3 years ago, so I have no clue if they actually sell them anymore.

I really like it when shirts show my tattoo, which I am getting touched up when I move back to Texas (yay). I want to get my phoenix sleeve soon, but idk exactly how soon I'll be getting it. There are so many tattoos that I am wanting to get, and all have meaning to me, its just a matter of time. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Great Grandma's: White Purse

Out of all of Grands' purses this one is in the worst condition. Some how in the move out here to Cali it rubbed up with something blue and now has shading of blue on it lol. It is very close to its death but I still like it. I haven't used it a whole lot. 
This is last of the purses that I have from her, sad day, BUT I do have other things of hers :) so this segment still has some time in my blog. :)

If you're wondering why I didn't post anything yesterday, that is because I accidentally posted my soup yesterday. I totally forgot that I had made a post for Darlene's make-up bag, so I just didn't post anything yesterday. I've been falling behind this week for some reason, but that shall change :)

Chris comes home today!!! SUPER FREAKING EXCITED! :D Happy Day! :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Delicious Soup and some chinese food

Last night I made some Chinese stir fry, which I normally make a whole lot when Chris is home but I haven't made any since before Christmas. I use frozen stir fry veggies, when I first used them I was scared that it was going to turn out tasteless and gross but if you cook them right they are good. :)

I also made some soup, and I have to say this soup was to die for. For some reason lately I've been craving soup, and this one definitely satisfied my craving. :)
This soup is so good and super super easy!
4 cups of chicken stock ( I used bullion cubes)
1 carrot, sliced
1 green onion, chopped
1 handful of pasta (I used angel hair)
1/2 cup of chicken, small cubes
1 tbs veggie oil

Stir fry chicken till no pink
Bring chicken stock to a boil and add pasta, cook till tender.
Add chicken, and veggies and cook for a couple minutes.
Spoon and serve! :)

Super easy! I used what I had on hand, you can use any vegetable.

I think I'm going to go have some right now :) Have a good day everyone! 

Darlene's Make-up bag

I have been making make-up bags a lot lately and this is one that Darlene bought.
I couldn't figure out the button hole function on my machine for the longest time, but Saturday it finally worked! :) It is so weird because I could do the buttonhole stuff on my Mother's sewing machine neither of us could figure it out on mine. I looked online and followed the directions that they had at but it still didn't work and I couldn't find my manual. After some digging around I finally found it and tada! it works :) 
Since my sewing machine works now I can get back to work on my sewing. :) Happy Day!! 
I'm craving me a big juicy burger.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hearts Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

For those of you in the military and your significant other isn't at home today whether its due to training or deployment, just know that they still love you and if they could they would be by your side on this very loving day. You are not alone, I know it feels like it right now but there are other people going through the same exact thing that you are. I remember going through deployment last year and I felt so alone even though I had friends and family around me, but no one understood what was really going on. It is possibly one of the hardest things to do. I know that in the Marine Corps they say that being a spouse is the hardest job in the the Marine Corps. Not to have a big head or anything but it is. Try going through a 7 month plus deployment with the many uncontrollable mood swings, the worry, the stress without the love of your life being there to help you. It's hard for the both of you, I know, Chris and I have been through it, and are about to have to do it all over again. So just know that there are people out there that you can talk to, to help you through your difficult time. I am open to talking about it and I'm sure that there are people around you that you can talk to during this.

If you know any one who is a spouse in the military, please send this to them, especially if their solider isn't with them right this second. Today is a tough day for them.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Have fun eating chocolate and all the cutsie stuff!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

No time like the present

Busa and I scanning sketches in. I choose this picture because of him lol. He's so cute
Today has been filled with many things, I did laundry, cleaned, worked on my magazine layout, scanned all my sketches (that I could find) into my computer and made a tutorial. Yay! I know that I haven't done a tutorial yet, which I wanted my artwork holder to be a tutorial but since I ran into too many issues it ended up not being one. So I am proud to say that I made valentines for my two lovely twin sisters back home in Texas. They wont be getting them tomorrow but that's ok.

What you will need:
Illustration board (or cardboard)
Decorative papers
X-acto knife
PVA glue (regular Elmer's glue should work)
Metal ruler
cutting mat (or some thing to protect the table while you are cutting)

Cut out a square (or 2) using the X-acto knife and the metal ruler.
Mine are 7in x 7in
 Glue the decorative paper onto one side of the square, centered. Make sure when gluing not to put too much glue on to it or the paper will wrinkle and try to spread out as evenly as possible.
Once glued on glue each corner to the back of the square. It should look like this.
After that, I used my bone folder and creased each side so that it would fold easily. Once folded glue each side to the back.
 Then take a strip of a different paper and cut a strip long enough to glue a little bit onto the back. Mine are 8 inches long.
 This time glue the back side first, but make sure it is centered on the front. I do it this way so that it sticks how I want to with out having to rush to put it down before the glue dries. But if you would rather do the front first that is fine too.
 I cut out hearts with my x-acto knife that I drew and wrote on them.
 Then glued it to the top and TADA a valentine. :)

 If you need help or have any questions, feel free to Email about it. If I am awake I will reply once it goes to my phone. 
I know it is SUPER last minute, but hey there's no time like the present ;p. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

10 lovelies

This tripod that I got from Target :)

This cute little magnetic cloud

These lovely voices

I absolutely love these! Too cute!

Cute wall

dachshund lamp :)
(sorry small image)

My digital illustration professor, he is awesome. His web page is below.

I want a scissor necklace so bad :)
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