Saturday, February 5, 2011

Contents of my purse

For the past couple months I started carrying around my great grandmothers floral clutch and I was getting super worried that I was going to ruin it. Before that I was carrying my big purses and carrying everything that I needed and more. Well I am back to that point, I can't help myself especially on my long days at school. I thought I'd share it with y'all. 
What's inside:
  • My Nikon D40 (which isn't in the photo since it is what I took the photos with)
  • Crown royal bag (that holds my camera since I haven't made a bag to hold it yet)
  • Lens bag (for my 18mm - 55mm Nikkor lens, which also goes in the crown royal bag)
  • baggies of goldfish, Cajun trail mix, organic mint chocolate cookies, cinnamon donuts, trisects and piece of a Butterfinger
  • trident layers gum
  • cheese n stix
  • itty bitty bottle of water
  • mixture of pens, pencils and my eraser
  • car keys, house keys
  • laundry key, mailbox key, Darlene's old spare car key
  • ipod touch
  • G1
  • Bluetooth (for the car so I don't get a ticket)
  • Wallet
  • Tissues
  • chapstick
  • little bottle of soap
  • lotion
  • change purse (that matches Grand's clutch that I found at a thrift store <3!)
  • make-up bag (first make up bag I ever made, but I need to make me a bigger one)
  • nail file
  • Birth control (no babies for us anytime soon :))
  • usb cable for my phone
  • lighter
  • little hand out thing that one of my classmates gave me for discounted business cards

Usually I have receipts EVERYWHERE but since I just switched purses a while ago they are all in my wallet, so its not as messy.

I made Christina some cherry chip cupcakes the other day since she wasn't having a good day. They kinda look like chocolate covered donut holes. I made her 12 and me 12 since there was no way that I was going to eat 24 cupcakes and I know she wouldn't be able to lol. 
While I was putting up the powdered sugar some of it flew out of the bag and Busa happened to be right where it was falling. 
Isn't he cute! lol He's such a dork sometimes but I love him for it, and plus he keeps me company while Chris is away.

I also made a stuffed red bell pepper, I figured I would try it since I have never made one needless ate one. I stuffed it with mushrooms, chicken, onions and rice.
It turned out pretty good, it would've been better if I didn't put so many onions in it but it was still tasty.
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  1. Darlene's spare key?! Ha! Ha! Ha! That's funny. Good for taking a short trip down memory lane :)

  2. Yeah the spare key to her old shag wagon lol, which doesn't exist anymore but thats okay. :)


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