Thursday, February 24, 2011

Handmade Creations

This is my first freelance project that I have done as a student in graphic design, so it was pretty interesting.
About Handmade Creations:
It is a company run from the special education classrooms we make cards, notepads, magnets, dog treats, and gift tags. We will be expanding in to jewelry next year. I have also attached an order form to give you a better idea of what the items look like. They currently sell the products to teacher and staff in Wylie ISD.

Here are the logos that they had:

And here is what I came up with:
First rough of something she had envisioned. 

 This is what was the final product :) Which I am very happy with.
 And then these two were just recreations of what they had and what they liked.
 We stayed with the stamp concept because they really liked the way it looked. 

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  1. I really like it! Good job. It also has a 'green look' too.


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