Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hearts Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

For those of you in the military and your significant other isn't at home today whether its due to training or deployment, just know that they still love you and if they could they would be by your side on this very loving day. You are not alone, I know it feels like it right now but there are other people going through the same exact thing that you are. I remember going through deployment last year and I felt so alone even though I had friends and family around me, but no one understood what was really going on. It is possibly one of the hardest things to do. I know that in the Marine Corps they say that being a spouse is the hardest job in the the Marine Corps. Not to have a big head or anything but it is. Try going through a 7 month plus deployment with the many uncontrollable mood swings, the worry, the stress without the love of your life being there to help you. It's hard for the both of you, I know, Chris and I have been through it, and are about to have to do it all over again. So just know that there are people out there that you can talk to, to help you through your difficult time. I am open to talking about it and I'm sure that there are people around you that you can talk to during this.

If you know any one who is a spouse in the military, please send this to them, especially if their solider isn't with them right this second. Today is a tough day for them.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Have fun eating chocolate and all the cutsie stuff!!

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