Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Great Grandma's: yellow purse

As you can see it is yellow, lol. There's a cute little design on the small section to the left. I only took a picture of the front because the back is starting to stain from the inside. :( It is still really cute though, it is also super thin and I'm not much for small purses, most of the time. I have to have everything, including the kitchen in my purse, especially since I have to have food with me at all times. I carried it around for the outfit that I will be posting tomorrow. This one can't really be taken around too much since it is so old.

Yesterday was really stressful for me and I ended up stressing Chris out too, which I feel bad about he doesn't need to worry about anything right now. I was freaking out because I won't be able to pay off the balance here at my AI in California but the lady that I have been talking to for my transfer stuff told me not to worry about it and that a lot of people who width drawl have balances but normally can transfer it to the new AI. So that definitely helped me calm down a little bit. BUT, soon after that I couldn't find my hardrive.. which has all my homework on it and things that I've been working on. The last time I saw it was in my Thursday night class but didn't mess with my bag till late yesterday afternoon. I tore my apartment, and my car apart looking for it. I really hope someone at school picked it up and turned it in, I really really hope so.


  1. I think it would be a great idea to recreate these classic favorites of Grands. What a tribute that would be to her! And do them in your favorite prints.

  2. Yeah! I am going to do the red one first, like we talked about. :)


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