Sunday, February 20, 2011


When I made my first blog at the very beginning of 2010, and named it Teacups and Trinkets. I changed the name of it so I could use it on this blog, and now don't use the old one anymore, but it is there if you would like to see. Anyways, the name, where did it come from? In my room I had multiple teacups and trinkets, which is pretty simple as to how I came up with the name. I just looked around and TADA lol. 
My favorite, favorite, favorite, teacup/teapot is this wonderful gift that I got from Darlene ages ago.
She got it from Urban Outfitters (one of my favorite stores). I use this one the most and I love it. It is awesome. I love the colors and I love the design. :)

I hand wash it every time I use it. One, because our dishwasher sucks, it is sooooooo old and has died so many times but it miraculously keeps coming back to life. And two, I don't want the design to come off or fade away, it's too cute lol.

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