Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feeling a little better

I am feeling a little bit better, not as nauseous as I have been the past sick days.  Since I was feeling better I decided that I would try again at my sewing machine. If you haven't heard about my issues, here is the post that I posted earlier about it. Still no victory :(
I did end up getting the needle a little bit in and then because it wasn't in correctly it jammed, so I set it down and walked away, and then I got sick.. Well today I tried again, and I got the needle in a little bit in, with it facing the right way (which took FOREVER). I did a test run and the needle broke.. :( sad day man, sad day.  I haven't been able to get the needle out of my machine yet, here is my sad picture..
If you zoom in you can see that there are shavings from the needle.. the head of the needle is too big to fit and when I was sewing it forced it up. Needless to say I am not too excited, this has put my sewing endeavors in the background for over a week now, :(. I want to fix it so bad, hopefully someone at Joann's will be able to help me.

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