Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Part 2- The start of the Traveling

Sunday evening we were finally on the road to Texas and we were wired. I started driving first since I'm more familiar with the roads. We just kept talking for hours and finally Mom was apple to fall asleep and got a couple hours of sleep. I started getting tired, and Mom had already woken up so we switched. I fell asleep for a couple hours and then she wakes me up and tells me that she's starting to swerve and fall asleep. Since I had only gotten a couple hours of sleep I told her to pull into a gas station parking lot and then we can sleep for a couple more hours and just head out, since all I needed was a couple more hours. I set my alarm and we fell asleep. When we woke up we decided that since we were there we could just get gas anyways so we wouldn't have to stop later. We also needed to go to the bathroom... well in New Mexico it was REALLY cold and due to the cold weather the water pressure was low so the toilets wouldn't flush (that's what the sign said on the door) so we had to hold it. I'm sure other people had already used the toilets and I wasn't going to use a un-flushed toilet lol.  So we were off again, and we made pretty good time to New Mexico but it seems like since we hit it things started to slow down. The night drive after we slept wasn't that bad.
After the sun came up we stopped at Carl's Jr. in Albuquerque and ate breakfast. By that point I was drained and my tummy wasn't liking that I was eating a ton of snacks and not real food. So after breakfast my Mom started driving again and I got to get some z's. I woke up a couple times so that we could talk. I fell back asleep the last time and I was woken up to the sound of something being ran over. I shot up but then the noise went away and then it came back again and I immediately thought did we hit something? or CRAP I got a flat... and what do you know my tire popped. 

To be continued...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Number 21 & part 1

Today is my 21st BDAY!!! WOOOHOOOOO finally I don't have to be the DD anymore! Everytime Chris and me would go out he'd have a couple drinks so then I'd drive home and there was nothing I could do about it. I'm exhausted from the drive home.

Part 1 of moving

Of course Chris and I did a lot of the packing days before the actual move. We packed boxes did that whole shibang, and started putting everything in our spare room. We managed to start putting everything in our storage with a uhaul that we rented. night someone cut the fuel line to the truck and drained the gas out of it and tried breaking into the dang thing. Needless to say I was furious! I am so glad that I only filled up the tank to 1/4th of a tank so they didn't get off with much. We fixed it and got everything to storage with the help from Chris' Dad and my Mom. Talk about a hectic couple days constant packing and cleaning. 

Part 2 the traveling (tomorrow)

Pictures will come later

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lone Star State

The place I call home. Crossed the state line a little bit ago. Do i have a story for yall! Once I get home I will share..too much for my phone.
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Last of the packing

Normally today I would have a things I love post today but I haven't had time to get it on here. Today we have to move everything else out of the apartment and take it to storage. Woot... I'm tired of moving and definitely didn't want this deployment to come but its coming and I have only a week off from school to get down there so I'm going to have to leave at some point this next week so I might as well get there and get stuff done. I'll try to get some posts scheduled before I leave but if I don't have time I just don't have time. But Ill be back in Texas soon and not having so much stress on my shoulders (at least I hope). Have a good day ladies and gents, I'm off to finish packing.

Friday, March 25, 2011

St. Pattys day outfit

 Granted it is a week off but this is what I wore on St. Patrick's day. I already packed my tripod so I am back to improvising to take pictures but it makes for fun times. So my thought the night before last Thursday was what do I have that has green in it, that hasn't already been packed.. Oh my floral dress that I love so much lol. I got to school and looked down at my arm and realized that I didn't have to wear green because I am wearing green 24/7 on my arm. *smacks forehead* Needless to say I felt a little silly but I really like this dress so it was okay. I'm still in my first year of having my lamb tattoo so I'm just not use to it yet I guess.
Anywho, I was wearing a hat with this outfit but ended up not taking a picture of it in the picture oh well. Here's Busa been a silly puppy and running back home from going to who knows where.
 The weird thing is, is that when I took these pictures I felt fine, but later that night not so much. I had the stomach flu and it was bad.. I won't go into details but it wasn't pleasant. When Chris was getting his tattoo done that evening, needless to say no one expected a girl dressed up to come into the shop lol. He hasn't finished his side piece yet but it looks sooo sick looking. It is going to be a masterpiece.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Great Grandma's: red bracelet

 This bracelet I haven't really worn a whole lot but I still like it because it is simple. As you can see its got some character, but that's what makes it unique. I feel bad because I don't really have much to talk on it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

sting ray

I got the second part of my half sleeve done last night. You guessed it, its a beautiful sting ray! :) I at least wanted to get this part before Chris left.

When we went on our honeymoon to Corpus Christi we went to an aquarium (im not sure if thats spelt right, i dont have spell check on my phone) and for the first time I got to touch a sting ray. :) It was a tiny but so cute. I felt like a little kid lol. Then for our 1 year we got the chance to go to San Diego. :) We went to Sea World and I got to pet a BIG sting ray AND I also fed it! It was so sweet and gentle and big lol. Once again I felt like a little kid and I loved it.
So there ya go you got a glimpse of why I love sting rays so much and why they mean so much to me personally. :)
This post was scheduled for 8 this morning but didn't go through because last night when I did it on my phone I forgot to put a title, so I did it at stop lights on the way to pick up mi madre from the airport. Well, have a good day ladies and gents! :)
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ink, ink everywhere :)

For my final project in my digital illustration class I am to come up with a promotional poster for an industry of my choice. And what do you know I choose a Tattoo Shop. :) Mind you this isn't for a real tattoo shop but that's okay.
Here's my sketch for the layout.
The tattoo shop is called Corn Fed Texas Bred. Both Chris and I really like it, since were proud of our state n all :p. I'm finishing up the Logo, which will be the biggest part of the poster, and the background will be different tattoos but opaque so it is not the focal point and so there are some examples. It is due Friday so I will be working hard to get this done while trying to finish packing and such. 

Not only is my last project on Tattoos, this is my 3rd project I've done on tattoos lol, AND today I will be getting another part of my half sleeve. It's the last part I will be getting done till Chris comes back but that's okay, I can finish it later. Plus I want this guy to finish it because he knows what I'm going for and has done a really good job so far. :) 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Florida Clambake

 After we found out the news that Chris would be leaving sooner rather than later I made this wonderful meal for us. Which it is also one of the recipes that is in my lovely cookbook :) It's called Florida Clambake, and it was super yummy. It consisted of a lobster tail and 10 clams each with corn on the cob and quarter potato seasoned with dry onion soup and butter. I couldn't eat all of mine and ended up letting Christina have half of my tail since she never had lobster before. :) But, I did eat all my clams no problem. :P
Here's the reminisce of what was left after Chris made it through his and I was halfway done. Man it was so good, and it was my 2nd time ever using the grill so I was pleased.

My internet keeps going out and our channels keep going unavailable. Let's just say that I am happy to get rid of Time Warner Cable. I've just had too many problems with them and I'm ready to get rid of it, and get Verison back. (Btw, there isn't Verison Fios out here :( )

Yay for getting back on the ball on my blog :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I was going to have a outfit post yesterday...but thursday night I got the stomach flu. I've never had it before so I didn't know it was coming. I have finally been able to eat 48 hrs later. Anywho.. I shall be back with some posts. And wash your hands! So far christinas mom had it, hayley (christinas friend) and kennedy (her toddler) and kira, christinas daughter, kyle, her hubby and chris my hubby all had it in the past week or so. So please please disinfect your hands as often as you can.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

playing catch up

Man oh man! Talk about stressful, we are down to just needing to pack the last minute things. My mom will be coming the middle of next week to help drive down back home to Texas. It's going to be one emotional ride, including the drive home lol. I thought that we would fill our roommates old room to the brim but so far not so much but granted not everything is in there. I've got one final down and 3 more to go. Woohoo.

My sinus' have been going crazy as of this week. I've been trying to stay away from dairy but I keep craving ice cream lol. I got butterfinger ice cream and it is delicious lol. 

I finished my menu for Grid Systems. Granted when I printed it my font did not come out because it was protected.. BUT I made a JPG of it with the proper font I used. I remade a menu for a restaruant back in Plano, Texas called Zenna. It is one of my favorite places to eat! I love sushi and Japanese food and they have a lunch special every day, SOOOO GOOD. Anyways, here it is :) I got the strongest grid in the class which I am very proud of :). 

It is a tri-fold, where the light blue lines are is where it folds. I made the logo and the octopus in illustrator :). Which I am proud of :) I'm exploring Illustrator now that I am able to use it.

Sorry for such a large break, I had so much to get done and it is finally lightening up. So hopefully Ill be able to keep up even while I am on the road to go home.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sneek Peek

Ill get better pictures later but heres the start of my sleeve. I love this tattoo.
Its late, been packing and getting homework done and im about to pass out; early day tomorrow.
(Yay for school bathrooms lol)
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hey Guys

Here's the deal, Things changed drastically with deployment for my hubby (like 5 times now, with the usmc its a hurry up and wait thing.. kinda annoying) so now things are going crazy around here. So I won't be posting as much as I have been because I have to take care of my school stuff and pack the house and deal with all sorts of stuff like that. BUT the good thing is Chris and I will be getting new tattoos before he leaves, to see him off kind of thing. We are both super excited but we are running around with our heads cut off trying to get things done and all that jazz. So, I just wanted to give y'all a heads up on what is going on and that I will be back to my blog as soon as possible. I just have to get things done around here first.

Friday, March 4, 2011


I wore this yesterday and couldn't get in a good picture besides this one with Busa coming to lay in my lap with his bone lol. I was recently given corduroy leggings, the best part about them is that the but has pockets! :) So I knew that I needed to wear them soon and with limited resources to shirts I choose my grey baggy shit with a rope that goes with it; with of course my warm black stripe textured cardigan. Also with my lovely heel boots, which are my favorite boots and I pretty much wear them with everything. 

I finally finished my self portrait last night before Chris came home from work. :) 
I have to print it out today and mount it. I want to make some more portraits but not like this one. I've been working on this one every day for the past 2+ weeks without a wacom board. I am going to make one for Julie, for practice :). This one just took so long since I'm so new with it but I am slowly getting better. 
Gas is getting way too expensive, the cheapest around me is now 3.73 and I have to drive over 100 miles round trip just to go to school, and this quarter its 3 times a week.. but I only have 3 weeks left after today so hopefully it wont get really pricey to the point I can't make it to school. Needless make it back to Texas.
Last night Chris taught me how to use the grill :). I grilled salmon and it turned out really really well, I didn't take a picture of it because we were both really hungry. But just know that it was really good and if you would've been at our house last night you would've been in for a treat lol.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Progress progress progress

My self portrait for digital illustration is slowly but surely coming together. I have a few features on me and Busa to work out but I have at least got things done. It looks decent for being my first project of doing a portrait.
Take a peek:
I realized this morning that I didn't do My Great Grandma's section yesterday, so I'll just skip it this week. I'm trying to get everything done for school. It seems like this week a lot of homework was stacked up. Anyways, have a good day! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Natalie Portman Poster

Last night my Grid systems professor had us do a poster with 2 pictures of Natalie Portman, a texture image, and a picture of the Oscar. Mine turned out a little different than everyone elses but I was pleased with it. I haven't worked a lot with Photoshop lately so it was nice to dip my hands back in it for a little bit. I didn't watch the Oscars so I don't know if she did win Best Actress, but that's what we were to put on it. To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of Natalie Portman but I liked how the poster came out.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On Display

I apologize I haven't been on my game the past couple days. So much homework so little time, got a prego scare which today proved that I wasn't (Thank Goodness), our room mate moved out so we could use his room for storage of all our boxes before we get a storage space, my 21st bday this month and actually getting to spend it with Chris (the last two we didn't get to celebrate together, which I don't think we spent his last 3 together.. anyways), trying to prep as well as possible for this next deployment, figuring out what goes in storage and what goes with me back to Texas.. I just have way too much to think about.
Last quarter I was in Typography, Form & Space, Electric Layout, and Image Manipulation. I recently found out that I got an award for Best of Quarter in Electric Layout. :) But a couple things went on display from a couple classes. In Typography, my typeface that I hand rendered made it :). Also my journal from Form & Space made it. They finally put them on display so I took pictures, lol.
 My journal is the one top right. They didn't really do a good job with the display with the journals.
My typeface is Peachy, the one in the top right corner. My friends Ceaser and Samona both got a piece displayed. Ceasers is the guy holding the crescent roll for C and Samona's is the one above his which was an A for Atlantis. If you could get a closer look hers is super detailed.

I've got lots of stuff to do today, homework for tonights class, hopefully go to the grocery, and hopefully pack a little more but homework is def. a priority.
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