Wednesday, March 23, 2011

sting ray

I got the second part of my half sleeve done last night. You guessed it, its a beautiful sting ray! :) I at least wanted to get this part before Chris left.

When we went on our honeymoon to Corpus Christi we went to an aquarium (im not sure if thats spelt right, i dont have spell check on my phone) and for the first time I got to touch a sting ray. :) It was a tiny but so cute. I felt like a little kid lol. Then for our 1 year we got the chance to go to San Diego. :) We went to Sea World and I got to pet a BIG sting ray AND I also fed it! It was so sweet and gentle and big lol. Once again I felt like a little kid and I loved it.
So there ya go you got a glimpse of why I love sting rays so much and why they mean so much to me personally. :)
This post was scheduled for 8 this morning but didn't go through because last night when I did it on my phone I forgot to put a title, so I did it at stop lights on the way to pick up mi madre from the airport. Well, have a good day ladies and gents! :)
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