Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Part 2- The start of the Traveling

Sunday evening we were finally on the road to Texas and we were wired. I started driving first since I'm more familiar with the roads. We just kept talking for hours and finally Mom was apple to fall asleep and got a couple hours of sleep. I started getting tired, and Mom had already woken up so we switched. I fell asleep for a couple hours and then she wakes me up and tells me that she's starting to swerve and fall asleep. Since I had only gotten a couple hours of sleep I told her to pull into a gas station parking lot and then we can sleep for a couple more hours and just head out, since all I needed was a couple more hours. I set my alarm and we fell asleep. When we woke up we decided that since we were there we could just get gas anyways so we wouldn't have to stop later. We also needed to go to the bathroom... well in New Mexico it was REALLY cold and due to the cold weather the water pressure was low so the toilets wouldn't flush (that's what the sign said on the door) so we had to hold it. I'm sure other people had already used the toilets and I wasn't going to use a un-flushed toilet lol.  So we were off again, and we made pretty good time to New Mexico but it seems like since we hit it things started to slow down. The night drive after we slept wasn't that bad.
After the sun came up we stopped at Carl's Jr. in Albuquerque and ate breakfast. By that point I was drained and my tummy wasn't liking that I was eating a ton of snacks and not real food. So after breakfast my Mom started driving again and I got to get some z's. I woke up a couple times so that we could talk. I fell back asleep the last time and I was woken up to the sound of something being ran over. I shot up but then the noise went away and then it came back again and I immediately thought did we hit something? or CRAP I got a flat... and what do you know my tire popped. 

To be continued...

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