Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Part 3: The Busted Tire

As of now we were miles away from an exit and had no clue as to what we should do. I didn't want to have to put the spare on but what else were we to do? So we tried pulling off the road as much as possible since it was a left tire that had gone down. We were pretty sure that it was my front left tired because we knew that it was starting to bald. BUT it was the rear left tire that had popped. 
 The weird thing is that it was only worn on the side of the tire that was towards the car. We then took EVERYTHING out of my trunk, mind you it was so full that it would barely close. We are pulling stuff out and putting it on the side of the road when a state trooper drove up behind us. He helped us and changed my tire, which was really nice of him. 
We then had to pack everything in the trunk and couldn't get it all back in there so some of it had to go up front with me. He told us where we could get a new tire, which was 12 miles away. We missed the exit since there wasn't a number on it and all we were given was a number so then we had to turn around to get to it. Once we got there they had 2 tires that would fit my car which was just what I needed! The guy looked at my front tire and was like there's no way that you will make it home with this tire. He was a really nice guy and was very helpful. Once again everything had to be taken out of the trunk to get the wheel out and to put the spare back in and then REPACK the trunk.
This was most of the pile from unpacking the trunk the second time. After a couple hours we did end up back on the road. It just took sooooooo long to get home. It took about 6 more hours than it normally does. But at least we made it home safe. 
When getting in the car from the tire place Busa decided to get behind my mom while she was moving stuff around.

My car was STUFFED!! I left a little hole so then when my Mom was driving she could use the rear view mirror. Busa was feeling well enough to get out of his carrier at least during the day.
On the road in Texas we passed some oil derricks, they made me smile. :)
When we got home Busa convinently laid down next to an empty bottle of Shiner Bock in Ryan's room.

I'm sorry I've been distracted this past weekend with Chris being able to come home for the weekend and celebrating my 21st birthday and getting school all figured out. Tomorrow I don't have school so I will be taking some time to schedule posts. What a week!!

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