Friday, April 8, 2011


Today was an early day, hat to be in class by 8am. I was super tired, so afterwards I went and figured out what I needed to do for my Layout design class, because it's exactly the same as Grid Systems. We  literally did the same exercises that I did before. Needless to say I was just a tad bit frustrated. As of this moment all my transfer credits aren't transferred yet so when my Academic Director had no idea what I was talking about so I have to go back in on Monday and talk with him.
After class I went walking with Ryan and Julie with Busa and their doxie Jigzer. We walked right under 2 miles. After the first mile we had to take a break for the doggie's sake because they needed water and poor Jigzer was so tired. Which it didn't help that it was Sunny and like 85 degrees and both doxies are black with brown. Busa ended up laying down in a puddle by the public bathrooms.
Before hand I put sunblock on my tattoos so they wouldn't get burnt, well... my very top of my octopus was missed as well as the little sea horse above it. The rest of me got a little red, and it seems like I get redder by the hour as it sets in. I went on another walk later this evening with my Mom, Jasper (her puppy) and Busa. So I'm a little bit pooped and I have homework to get done this weekend. 
With that I say, Good Night.

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