Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Frisby tournament with mud on the side

Yesterday Ella, Skyla and I had a frisby tournament. Before I left Cali I got free marine corps mini frisbys and I thought they would like them. They did ^_^, so yesterday I taught them how to through them and have it glide rather than it just going straight to the ground like they normally do. Well afterwards I went inside to get my camera so I can take pictures of them. I come back out side and they both have mud half way up their legs and all over their hands. Ella was trying to wash it off as much as possible in the little puddles that were in the yard. Needless to say she didn't get very clean doing it that way. 

So we went to the pool so they could stick their feet and and rinse off. They started at the hot tub since the fountain was on and then sat on the edge of the pool. Walle and Busa wanted to join us since there wasn't any puddles that they could run into.
The brown dachshund is Walle, he is my Mother-in-law's dog. (well one of her dogs) Walle also has some pretty ice blue eyes. Busa and Walle play alllllllllll day long. 
Ella was roaring like a lion while sitting by the pool. For some reason she thought that my SLR camera was a video camera. Which if I had the D5000 I would but anywho..
My lovely twin little sisters eventually got out and Ella once again thought I was recording a video and pretended to be a Tv reporter. I have to say it was really cute, if only I had a video recorder right then.
Earlier they had a pokemon camera with no film in it and were walking around the house taking random pictures. So they really wanted to try my camera. So I held the camera for/with them and they pushed the button. Ella wanted to hold it by herself but there was no way that was going to happen. lol
One of Ella's pictures,
 and one of skylas.
I look so wonderful lol. I was tired, and was still in my pj's :P.
 me n skyla pictures
Yay for little sisters!

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