Wednesday, April 6, 2011

LA trip

A couple weekends before I left california me and Chris went up to L.A. and visited our good friend Daniel. 
Side story.
Daniel and I were friends in High School and he was the one who introduced me to Chris. Over the years me and Daniel became really close friends. After Daniel graduated he moved out to LA and went to film school. His website is, which I'm not sure if he's been on his website in awhile. Just in case here is his YouTube Channel. I know he posts stuff on his Facebook periodically. But anyways, he is basically how Chris and I met and is a very close friend of ours. In fact he is the only mutual friend that we have, all our other friends were met through each other, if that makes sense. 
We went with Daniel, his room mate and room mates cousins and his other room mate and his girl friend to the Santa Monica Pier. It was SUPER windy. 
Heres Daniel with Chris' sandles on while he was doing the climb the latter thing. Chris borrowed his shoes so that he wouldn't slip so easily. I showed him this picture later and he didn't even know I had taken a picture so it's pretty funny that he's smiling. 
Chris n Carl standing back while the family of the other room mate went to touch the freezing cold water. (Chris is the one on the left)
Here's most of them back to where we were. After this picture Chris and I chased each other and I failed horribly because I had my huge purse and I didn't want to put it in the sand. So Daniel then went chasing after Chris. While trying to catch Chris, Daniel jumped for him and missed and landed in the sand. I must say it was hilarious to watch and I wish I video taped it.
We ate at Bubba Gump's on the pier, and it was delicious. It was a good visit.

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