Thursday, April 14, 2011

Relief and Pretty Nails

Today my transcript finally made it to the Dallas school!  My schedule changed so now I don't have a night class! It makes me so happy! Also, I'm in Writing 1 which is a normal writing class not a remedial English! Today was a good day if I do say so. So I don't have to take Layout design anymore! Thank Goodness! I did do the work for the class just in case things didn't work out today. The first part we had to use the shapes given and make something out of it and then the second one is creating a name plate with 2 graphics and the text given. I forgot to put the line at the bottom of it that represents the phone and address. All was hand rendered so now that I look at it on my screen my text is all over the place, so I'm glad that it wasn't turned in now. 
I also changed my nails the other day and they change to pink in the sun! So cool! They are white while not in the sun so either way they are really cute :).

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