Thursday, October 27, 2011


I am very pleased to report that this deployment is OVER!!! My hubby is now stateside and safe. :) I, of course couldn't talk about when he was coming home before hand, not that I've had much time to do much of anything, other than hw and work. Anywho, I got to see him right after he got off the bus on base. I couldn't find him but my bestie marine wife Christina found him and yelled for me lol. I almost started crying I was so happy. Just being able to touch him and talk to him was more than enough for me. Its crazy how much more you appreciate things when your world get turned upside down.
I'm not sure if I will ever finish my vent post, who knows, maybe down the line I will get really frustrated and feel the need to share my feelings. I am just so ecstatic that I get to see my hubby! This past weekend I flew out to California to see him get off the bus and then go to L.A. and just spend some time with him. It was pretty much like a second honeymoon. It was awesome! It's really hard to explain if you haven't experienced going without your loved one for over 6 months and having them in a combat zone. There is a sense of peace, but yet it is surreal that he was actually there and that I could hold his hands. That if the internet cut out he wouldn't disappear, in the middle of a conversation. I'm just so happy that he is home, for good.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Start of a Good Month

Fall quarter started for me on this past Monday, with the start of my 16 credit hours for 11 weeks. I am so excited because most of my classes are on the computer so I will be creating a whole lot more than the past couple quarters. I'm super excited!!! I'm in Type 3: Experimentation and Expression, Introduction to Humanities, Digital Photography for Design, Web Scripting and Digital Grid systems. I'm so stocked because every single one of these classes looks fun, in their own way of course.
My hubby will be home soon, which is another reason why I'm excited. As of yesterday morning I am now employed!! Mainly excited because I know I wont get screwed over at this job, and it is steady. I start this weekend!
  Last week I started a vent post, that I need to finish. Soon you will see how I feel about a certain issue and how some people aggravate me. Mind you, I'm not doing it to yell at anyone, I am simply voicing my frustrations that I know other people are going through as well.
  Oh, I've had to get rid of some clothes since I've been growing and exercising a lot more. My clothes are either dieing from having them so long, don't fit or I rarely ever wear. Which has forced me to be a little more experimental with what I wear since I'm wearing heels a lot more. I like it though. I will be getting some more clothes so don't worry lol.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Floral and Ivory

I wore this earlier this summer. Obviously since today is the first day of FALL! YAY! I'm super excited because with it getting cooler, I can wear my cute stuff. Granted summer is cute but its mostly tank tops and shorts for me so its nothing special most of the time. With me being super busy this past summer, I didn't get to do a lot of things, other than school. Back to the outfit, I love this flowy shirt. You will be seeing it more most definitely. I'm wearing my super skinny jeans with my roman sandals that have a small wedge, It was hot and I didn't want to wear flip flops. I feel like I should clarify since it was constantly in the 100+ degrees here in Texas. My school was freezing inside, so I either had to take a blanket or wear pants. I'm not that crazy, I promise lol.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Writing 2 and Type 2

Yesterday was a long day. I left my apartment late, but thank goodness the train was late. Not only was the train late, but it was going awfully slow to the next station for some reason. When we got to Victory station more than half the train left to get on the DART train that was across the station. I looked out the window and saw that it wasn't the normal green line train; it was red. I take the red line to my school so I was a little confused. When we got to Union station the red line train was already there. Normally there is about an 8 min wait time for the DART train when getting off the big train. Everyone was running to get on the DART train and to get on the very last car. Needless to say it was super crowded. I get to school finally and my professor is late, just like every other week.
It is finals week and I am more than ready to have a break from school. I was expecting to get out early of both classes but apparently that wasn't going to happen. I finished my Type 2 project the week before so I didn't have anything to do in that class except take the final. So when my professor finally got there we sat there for about an hour doing nothing.. I was bored. I had nothing to do because I actually did my work so I wouldn't stress out about it or get it in late. Since technically it was due LAST week. The last half of the class we got our final, which we should have just done at the beginning because I barely had enough time to finish it. (I had to format the first couple chapters of a book along with the title page and chapter pages).
My afternoon class was my Writing 2 class, I like writing but I don't like research papers.. Just throwing that out there.. We watched a cartoon that was written by an Iranian woman who now lives in France. I can't remember her name but I liked the cartoon. While watching the movie each student had to go up to our professor and let her read our paper. She would tell us if we needed to fix anything before we turn it in for grading. (Which is really nice of her) I only had a couple MLA format issues but I went and fixed it so I got a 100! :D Talk about exciting! haha. After I got home I didn't feel so hot. I was laying down watching hulu and Busa cuddled up with me. He seems to know when I don't feel good, or when I miss my hubby a whole lot. :) I got to take a picture of us so I can share it. :)

Busa sure does help me when I feel like poop, both emotionally and physically. <3

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Plans Change and Weird Conversations

Friday didn't go as planned. Brett and I were suppose to car pool to Ft. Worth so I could go to the commissary for groceries,  but it didn't work out due to different schedules and I didn't get up till right before 10am. In waiting for Brett to text me back I got to take a couple outfit pictures, and clean. I headed to the train station and then checked to see when the next train got to the station, I had 5 min to get there so I just turned around and went back home. I had an hour plus to kill so I started the presentation for my Intro to Web class. In my cleaning I changed my sheets to have them match lol, I know its weird. I'm using my old bed from my parents house since mine and Chris' bed is still in Cali with the rest of our furniture so its not like I have tons of matching sheets that aren't hot. I didn't have my comforter so I just had my sheets and my purple blanket. :)
  After I got to Union Station there was this kid that was talking to different people as he walked down the station. I heard him say to a girl close by, "I like your outfit" and then they talked a little and then he walked away. At this point I am texting my mom and my friend Diana and I can see him out of my peripherals and hes just standing there looking at me. It was very awkward.. He then started talking to me and said "I like your tattoos." I replied with a "Thank you." He stuck out his hand and said "I'm Greg". I stuck out my hand out to shake his hand and he didn't grasp my hand just had it hang there. It was once again awkward.. almost worst than a lose handshake. The one that feels like you are shaking a fishes hand and feels kinda gross. I said, "Hi, I'm Meagan." Right before I ended he was said "I'm 21 and single." I immediately replied, "I'm MARRIED." He then quickly back peddled, "Oh, okay. I'll let you get back to what ever you were doing." ... There was also something off with him, like as if he wasn't all there. It was quite odd.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something worth reading

I was working on my final project for type 2; I have to design a magazines table of contents, 2 feature pages and 3 department pages for an iPad. Well in a older issue of Wired magazine they did a story that I think is worth reading. I get extra credit for doing a masthead on this story but I didn't have the time to get to do it.
Anywho.. Here is the story. Please read.

Monday, September 12, 2011


We now have an apartment and I only have 3 or 4 small boxes left to unpack!!
This is week 10 of my second quarter back in Texas and oh my gezz, I have been running around like a crazy person with Busa running right behind me. He has warmed up to the apartment very well. I think he likes being the only dog in the house and getting all the attention, since he is of course an attention whore even more so since Chris has been gone. Which isn't for very much longer, and I am SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!! :D <--super happy face emoticon tehe.

Yesterday was as everyone knows the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and was a very emotional day I'm sure for a lot of people. I remember being in 5th grade and leaving early. I did not quite understand what was going on but I knew it was bad, really, really bad. At that time I didn't know what the twin towers were or what kind of state that our country was in. I learned quickly as to what was going on though. I am so thankful that my husband is serving our wonderful country. I just think he should be thanked a little more often than on September, 11th. We should remember that day every day, not just every year on that day. Yes, I know we all have lives but saying thanks to a member in the military should not be a once a year kind of thing. Sorry, I will get off my soap box now before I blow a gasket, lol.

I've been sick for about a month, finally over it though. Last week was the worst of it, I had flu like symptoms but no fever. It was quite odd, but I am all better now and very thankful. I'm so tired of being sick. I want to do things other than just school, like get a job and make things that aren't for school lol. Since the move I have been taking the train to school the 2 days that I can since it is during the day and not at night. It is very nice not having to deal with traffic and actually get to do things on the way to school. Except today, haha, I forgot to grab my book to read on the train so I was playing 7 little words on my ipod. Not very productive but I had to stay awake some how.
I was going to be posting my perspective drawings today, but um... I can't find the memory card that they are on since I didn't put them on my hardrive.. so I'm not to happy about that but I'm still searching. Worse come to worse I'll retake them. I haven't really done anything worth posting this quarter, but I might post some of my Type 2 stuff. I keep repeating myself about being more on top of this thing but it is getting harder and harder to fit it in.

I need to get more organized.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lovelies on Saturdays

It has been so long since I've done this but this week I was constantly bombarded with cute little things. :)
I have been a cat person for a long time but when my last cat died when I was 19 I didn't get another one since Chris doesn't like cats. Anywho, I thought these were uber cute. :)
 I've been obsessed with stripes lately.
These t-shirt undies!! Awesome!
:) No explanation needed.
This teacup and teapot lamp. <3
This video that I watched a couple weeks ago.
lovely hand screen printed silkscreen
This was my favorite movie growing up :) When I went to Tokyo I got the DVD :)
I just thought these two are cute.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tattoo Touched Up

Over a year ago Chris and I got our first tattoos. Mine was the Lamb with a crown of thorns sitting in a red rose. Chris got a celtic cross with wings, but his is in black and grey.
The healing process on mine didn't go to well and most of the color peeled off with in the week that I got it. We were on our way back to California so there wasn't any time for me to wait till it healed and get it touched up. Well yesterday I was finally able to go in and talk to Deryl, they guy who did it, and he did it right then. I was very surprised, I didn't expect to get it done immediately. I feel bad because I didn't go to the bank before hand and so I didn't have cash on me. He redid it for free and was more than happy to run to the bank for him but he told me not to worry about it and it is just part of the business. I thanked him and left. This time it turned out a whole lot better than last time.
 I am very happy with the way it turned out. I don't remember it being so swollen last time though.
Afterwards I went over to Ryan's apartment and hung out with Julie, Ryan, and Juan. Both Ryan and Julie helped make dinner, at it was yummy even tho they didn't have any seasonings other than Juan's beer salt lol. It was still good.
When I left last night, there were two police cars and a crime scene unit van. It was weird and kinda scary. There wasn't any crime scene tape or tons of cops around so I don't think any thing serious was going on. When Julie left she saw them going in with a stretcher. So something happened but not sure if something dangerous happened.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Exercise With Some Thriftiness on the Side

  Woke up at 6 this morning to go on a bike ride with my Mom. We rode about 4 miles (I think), I can't remember what the thing said when we got back. I have made the decision to get up at 6 everyday and fill up my days with stuff so then they will go by faster. I'm hoping they will at least, either way I'll be pretty productive.
  OH! I talked to my person for the apartment and we get to move in on the 8th of August!!! :D I am so incredibly excited! We got an upgraded one too! She hooked us up! AHHHHHHH!! I'm still so happy today which makes me even more happy lol. Monday night we went to one of my mom's really good friends house and got crystal glasses for a buck a piece!! Talk about a steal man! They all match too :). I have plenty of wine glasses in storage but no crystal! I also bought 2 cute bar stools that are black so they will match the rest of my furniture AND they have backs. :D Oh goodness I hope I'm not killing you with all my happiness, haha.
  I had my Intro to Web class yesterday, and there was a guy in my class that went to China during our summer break. I thought that was pretty cool, not everyone goes to China. I would like to some day, I wanna see where my great great grandma lived and her mom before that and so on. Well he told me and another guy, who is in my group, that he stopped in Korea on the way up there and while he was up there he bought cigarettes. Before I go on, yes I smoke, I know they are bad for me so please don't preach to me. I understand the risks. Plus Chris is way ahead of me on this one so I've got to catch up :P (he has been smoking since he was 13 so..). Back to the guy who went to China.. He offered one just so I could try it. I must say it was much better than American cigarettes, like not as chemically (if that is even a word, there is no red line so it must be one). It also left a sweet after taste in my mouth which is very odd. Needless to say I've been looking to see if I could find them online, I'd much rather smoke those.
  I wish I knew what the name of them, Arirang is the name of the company that makes them.
Also yesterday Jasper got in trouble and so both Toby and Busa ran to my room to hide/get away. They didn't do anything bad so I don't know why they were hiding. Busa was in my doorway trying to look to see what was going on I wish I took a picture of it, he was being really cute. Toby just came in here and laid down but looked out the door with his ears perked up. Eventually Busa went and hid under the bed and Toby continued to lay in the same place but not in an alert manner.
   Here is Busa under my bed with the cow that mooooooo's.
  Then there is Toby who is holding on to a toy that has no stuffing left. I love my doggies :).
I was doing my homework and Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World started playing, and Busa immediately shot his head up to look at the speakers and then tilted his head in confusion. I use to have that as my ringtone for the longest time. If he could talk he would be saying that's not what it normally sounds like, I haven't heard this in a while, and Mom why aren't you answering your phone.
I'm going to start my day off by doing some homework and hopefully creating stuff, but we will see. Have a good day lovelies!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Apartment Hunting!

I am pleased to say that Brett (one of mine and Chris' best friends) and I found an apartment! :) Thursday our whole group along with Brett's soon to be girlfriend (hopefully, we are crossing our fingers). We had to get up around 6 and leave around 6:30 in the morning to get out to Arlington. Not to excited to get up that early to not go to school but I was determined to get an apartment. After we got out there it was about 9am, we went to the first complex and the sign said that they would be back at 11:30. 11:30! I had an apartment locater call the top 5 properties the day before so we wouldn't have an issue like this. The office was suppose to be open at 9am. We obviously didn't go back. They lost a possible renter due to the fact that they weren't there when they were suppose to. The second one had a sign for 11:45, needless to say I was getting rather irritated. We finally get to see 4 of the 12 we visited. The 2nd one we actually got to tour was AMAZING! Especially since it is a good price, good floor plan, and great landscape, maintenance up keep and in a good part of town oh and nice people. So far I haven't found anything bad about it. The second one we got to tour after that one was really nice too just not gated like I would like. The closet in that thing for the master room was ENORMOUS! I had a hard time choosing, it was only a little bit more for over a 100 more square feet. The other ones we looked at weren't really worth remembering since it was either out of the price range we were looking for or wasn't what we were looking for if that makes sense.. We went back to the one we liked after lunch and put a deposit down and did our applications and now we are waiting for a call!! I'm so excited. Oh and on the way home Ryan fell asleep and caught it on video :) We thought it was pretty funny.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Day Last Friday

Originally this was suppose to be done for my Friday post but things took a hard left turn and it just didn't happen. It was finally a day where I did not have to stress out about moving or having to do homework; I just got to chill. I took the boys out to go to the bathroom a couple times and one time Busa and Toby decided to have a tug-a-war.
Defeat! Haha, Toby obviously won in the tiring battle to see who would get the toy.
Jasper, he was wondering what I was doing while watching the other two.
This one was from that morning, we think Jasper is allergic to the grass like I am since he doesn't go out in the back yard to go to the bathroom. He normally just sits and watch.
I'm not sure if you can see it but theres a strange yellow and black bug on the wall. It freaked me out and I wouldn't go near it the whole time I was outside. It kinda looked like a roach but I've never seen one that was bright yellow and black. 
At one point all three of them were asleep, it was really cute. It was also nice to not have Busa or Jasper growling and playing for once. (sorry for the mess, I'm in between moves so my stuff is kinda all over the place. I'm trying my hardest to keep it together and organized if at all possible.)
Later that day I went and helped my best friend Diana move to her new apartment and there was a fire fighter who lived across the street. He was mowing the lawn but while in his uniform, didn't take off his belt or nothing. I thought it was awesome, so I took a picture.

Apartment hunting this week, wish me luck! 

Saturday, July 16, 2011


     Alrighty, things are going to get a little personal on this post. My father-in-law got laid off over a year ago and still has yet to find a job and my mother-in-law does hair. Things are really tough on that side of the family right now. Tuesday the A/C went out again upstairs. Come to find out that it isn't fixable and we can't afford to get a new unit at the moment, so me and Ryan were forced to find other places to live. So right now I am living at my parents house until I can find an apartment. Julie, Ryan's girlfriend, me and her mom found him an apartment to live in that was still close to his work. I hope it works out because we are all stressed out like it is nothing else.
     Well our good friend Brett, would like to room with us so I shall be finding an apartment with him here pretty quickly. It will just be about an hour away from here, which I don't mind; it is better than being all the way in Cali. So possibly by the end of the month I will be in Cali to get all our apartment stuff out of storage so then we can move all our stuff in when Brett and I move in. Which is great and all but moving takes a lot of time and I am in school so I am possibly going to miss one class. 
     Speaking of moving, the past couple days I have been moving. Surprisingly it only took 2 days to get all my stuff out of my room and over to my parents house BUT I also didn't have any furniture to move other than my little bookshelves. So that wasn't too bad I just spent most of my days doing it. Then yesterday I helped my bestie Diana move from her parents to her new apartment. It has just been crazy the past couple weeks. Things, mainly not so good things, happening every day. I did get to talk to Chris yesterday morning so that definitely helped ease my stress. 
     I was expecting to be able to relax a little and destress last night but that did not happen. My mother-in-law ended up going to the hospital.. Yeah not so good. Her blood pressure got really high and caused her back muscles to spaz. When I got a call that she was in the hospital that did not help my stress level. (I finally had my stomach under control but now its fighting back again.) The twins were at the neighbors house they asked me if I could go get them and watch them while they were at the hospital. I was more than happy to, I didn't want the girls freaking out because things were out of wack. So I got to go watch them, and my mom was nice enough to help me. :) I made popcorn on the stove so we could eat it while we watched cartoons since there was no use in putting them to bed since they knew what was going on. They would have kept getting up and asking me questions and all sorts of stuff. Its funny because I knew they were tired but yet they would tell me that they weren't and when my in-laws got home it was I'm so tired I want to sleep. Lol, Success!! Any who, we had little juice boxes and made this video mind you its not awesome but its something.
I was planning on a completely different post but that can wait till tomorrow. 
If you could please pray for my in-laws, that would be awesome.

Monday, July 11, 2011

1st Day of Summer Quarter

I am now off of summer break (which was only 3 weeks) and back at school. I am glad to be back in school though. I can never handle extensive amounts of time with nothing to do. I remember back in grade school (I sound like an old woman haha) the summer was always so long and by the middle of it I would just want to go back to school so I would have something to do and get to see my friends. Well this time I don't want a whole lot of time to do nothing, mainly due to the fact that I miss my hubby a whole bunch. I do wish I had more time, like while I was in California, to make things so I could show y'all. I hope that will happen this quarter since I am not taking 17 credit hours this time (Praise the Lord). I am only taking 13 credit hours so it should be a breeze.
I haven't had a good pass couple of days but everything is starting to look up. I did a small devotional this morning from our daily bread website. The one for today, July 11th, specifically says "Focusing on what’s wrong can cause us to miss everything that’s good." Which the recently I have had a real big issue with. Its like I got smacked in the face and made me realize that all my energy needs to be used better. So today was a good day :), at least so far. My roommate for upstairs texted me a little bit ago and said that the a/c was out, again. Keeping positive, keeping positive. Just looks like I wont be staying there tonight so I wont be finishing the rearrangement of my room, darn. It has been way too hot up there anyways which didn't help my mood all last week. I could not stop sweating when I was trying to sleep. Anywho..  I don't have any pictures to post, I should have some later though. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happiness Pictures in the Pool

Today at work wasn't so great but these pictures help brighten my day a little. One of the times we went swimming before it was 100+ degrees outside.

Julie and I attempting a picture underwater.
Brett making a splash.
Cannon Ball!! by me lol.
Another failed attempt at an underwater picture with Julie lol.
Brett after one of his big jumps.
Finally a decent picture of us under water. We were having some difficulties.

I'm thinking about doing one of those 30 day picture a day dealie, thingamagigs. What do y'all think?
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