Saturday, September 17, 2011

Plans Change and Weird Conversations

Friday didn't go as planned. Brett and I were suppose to car pool to Ft. Worth so I could go to the commissary for groceries,  but it didn't work out due to different schedules and I didn't get up till right before 10am. In waiting for Brett to text me back I got to take a couple outfit pictures, and clean. I headed to the train station and then checked to see when the next train got to the station, I had 5 min to get there so I just turned around and went back home. I had an hour plus to kill so I started the presentation for my Intro to Web class. In my cleaning I changed my sheets to have them match lol, I know its weird. I'm using my old bed from my parents house since mine and Chris' bed is still in Cali with the rest of our furniture so its not like I have tons of matching sheets that aren't hot. I didn't have my comforter so I just had my sheets and my purple blanket. :)
  After I got to Union Station there was this kid that was talking to different people as he walked down the station. I heard him say to a girl close by, "I like your outfit" and then they talked a little and then he walked away. At this point I am texting my mom and my friend Diana and I can see him out of my peripherals and hes just standing there looking at me. It was very awkward.. He then started talking to me and said "I like your tattoos." I replied with a "Thank you." He stuck out his hand and said "I'm Greg". I stuck out my hand out to shake his hand and he didn't grasp my hand just had it hang there. It was once again awkward.. almost worst than a lose handshake. The one that feels like you are shaking a fishes hand and feels kinda gross. I said, "Hi, I'm Meagan." Right before I ended he was said "I'm 21 and single." I immediately replied, "I'm MARRIED." He then quickly back peddled, "Oh, okay. I'll let you get back to what ever you were doing." ... There was also something off with him, like as if he wasn't all there. It was quite odd.


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