Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Writing 2 and Type 2

Yesterday was a long day. I left my apartment late, but thank goodness the train was late. Not only was the train late, but it was going awfully slow to the next station for some reason. When we got to Victory station more than half the train left to get on the DART train that was across the station. I looked out the window and saw that it wasn't the normal green line train; it was red. I take the red line to my school so I was a little confused. When we got to Union station the red line train was already there. Normally there is about an 8 min wait time for the DART train when getting off the big train. Everyone was running to get on the DART train and to get on the very last car. Needless to say it was super crowded. I get to school finally and my professor is late, just like every other week.
It is finals week and I am more than ready to have a break from school. I was expecting to get out early of both classes but apparently that wasn't going to happen. I finished my Type 2 project the week before so I didn't have anything to do in that class except take the final. So when my professor finally got there we sat there for about an hour doing nothing.. I was bored. I had nothing to do because I actually did my work so I wouldn't stress out about it or get it in late. Since technically it was due LAST week. The last half of the class we got our final, which we should have just done at the beginning because I barely had enough time to finish it. (I had to format the first couple chapters of a book along with the title page and chapter pages).
My afternoon class was my Writing 2 class, I like writing but I don't like research papers.. Just throwing that out there.. We watched a cartoon that was written by an Iranian woman who now lives in France. I can't remember her name but I liked the cartoon. While watching the movie each student had to go up to our professor and let her read our paper. She would tell us if we needed to fix anything before we turn it in for grading. (Which is really nice of her) I only had a couple MLA format issues but I went and fixed it so I got a 100! :D Talk about exciting! haha. After I got home I didn't feel so hot. I was laying down watching hulu and Busa cuddled up with me. He seems to know when I don't feel good, or when I miss my hubby a whole lot. :) I got to take a picture of us so I can share it. :)

Busa sure does help me when I feel like poop, both emotionally and physically. <3

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