Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tattoo Touched Up

Over a year ago Chris and I got our first tattoos. Mine was the Lamb with a crown of thorns sitting in a red rose. Chris got a celtic cross with wings, but his is in black and grey.
The healing process on mine didn't go to well and most of the color peeled off with in the week that I got it. We were on our way back to California so there wasn't any time for me to wait till it healed and get it touched up. Well yesterday I was finally able to go in and talk to Deryl, they guy who did it, and he did it right then. I was very surprised, I didn't expect to get it done immediately. I feel bad because I didn't go to the bank before hand and so I didn't have cash on me. He redid it for free and was more than happy to run to the bank for him but he told me not to worry about it and it is just part of the business. I thanked him and left. This time it turned out a whole lot better than last time.
 I am very happy with the way it turned out. I don't remember it being so swollen last time though.
Afterwards I went over to Ryan's apartment and hung out with Julie, Ryan, and Juan. Both Ryan and Julie helped make dinner, at it was yummy even tho they didn't have any seasonings other than Juan's beer salt lol. It was still good.
When I left last night, there were two police cars and a crime scene unit van. It was weird and kinda scary. There wasn't any crime scene tape or tons of cops around so I don't think any thing serious was going on. When Julie left she saw them going in with a stretcher. So something happened but not sure if something dangerous happened.

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  1. Bahaha beer salt and cheese lol! You might be a bachelor if.... you use beer salt to season your food lol. I'm thinking I might look on the Plano PD site next week to see if they have a report about what happened at the apartment. It was still really freaky regardless of how they die but i'm nosy so I wanna know lol


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