Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lovelies on Saturdays

It has been so long since I've done this but this week I was constantly bombarded with cute little things. :)
I have been a cat person for a long time but when my last cat died when I was 19 I didn't get another one since Chris doesn't like cats. Anywho, I thought these were uber cute. :)
 I've been obsessed with stripes lately.
These t-shirt undies!! Awesome!
:) No explanation needed.
This teacup and teapot lamp. <3
This video that I watched a couple weeks ago.
lovely hand screen printed silkscreen
This was my favorite movie growing up :) When I went to Tokyo I got the DVD :)
I just thought these two are cute.

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  1. I like that purse. It would be perfect if it had a ton of pockets on the inside. If not, no worries.... I got the purse organizer you made for me :)


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