Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Exercise With Some Thriftiness on the Side

  Woke up at 6 this morning to go on a bike ride with my Mom. We rode about 4 miles (I think), I can't remember what the thing said when we got back. I have made the decision to get up at 6 everyday and fill up my days with stuff so then they will go by faster. I'm hoping they will at least, either way I'll be pretty productive.
  OH! I talked to my person for the apartment and we get to move in on the 8th of August!!! :D I am so incredibly excited! We got an upgraded one too! She hooked us up! AHHHHHHH!! I'm still so happy today which makes me even more happy lol. Monday night we went to one of my mom's really good friends house and got crystal glasses for a buck a piece!! Talk about a steal man! They all match too :). I have plenty of wine glasses in storage but no crystal! I also bought 2 cute bar stools that are black so they will match the rest of my furniture AND they have backs. :D Oh goodness I hope I'm not killing you with all my happiness, haha.
  I had my Intro to Web class yesterday, and there was a guy in my class that went to China during our summer break. I thought that was pretty cool, not everyone goes to China. I would like to some day, I wanna see where my great great grandma lived and her mom before that and so on. Well he told me and another guy, who is in my group, that he stopped in Korea on the way up there and while he was up there he bought cigarettes. Before I go on, yes I smoke, I know they are bad for me so please don't preach to me. I understand the risks. Plus Chris is way ahead of me on this one so I've got to catch up :P (he has been smoking since he was 13 so..). Back to the guy who went to China.. He offered one just so I could try it. I must say it was much better than American cigarettes, like not as chemically (if that is even a word, there is no red line so it must be one). It also left a sweet after taste in my mouth which is very odd. Needless to say I've been looking to see if I could find them online, I'd much rather smoke those.
  I wish I knew what the name of them, Arirang is the name of the company that makes them.
Also yesterday Jasper got in trouble and so both Toby and Busa ran to my room to hide/get away. They didn't do anything bad so I don't know why they were hiding. Busa was in my doorway trying to look to see what was going on I wish I took a picture of it, he was being really cute. Toby just came in here and laid down but looked out the door with his ears perked up. Eventually Busa went and hid under the bed and Toby continued to lay in the same place but not in an alert manner.
   Here is Busa under my bed with the cow that mooooooo's.
  Then there is Toby who is holding on to a toy that has no stuffing left. I love my doggies :).
I was doing my homework and Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World started playing, and Busa immediately shot his head up to look at the speakers and then tilted his head in confusion. I use to have that as my ringtone for the longest time. If he could talk he would be saying that's not what it normally sounds like, I haven't heard this in a while, and Mom why aren't you answering your phone.
I'm going to start my day off by doing some homework and hopefully creating stuff, but we will see. Have a good day lovelies!!

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