Saturday, July 16, 2011


     Alrighty, things are going to get a little personal on this post. My father-in-law got laid off over a year ago and still has yet to find a job and my mother-in-law does hair. Things are really tough on that side of the family right now. Tuesday the A/C went out again upstairs. Come to find out that it isn't fixable and we can't afford to get a new unit at the moment, so me and Ryan were forced to find other places to live. So right now I am living at my parents house until I can find an apartment. Julie, Ryan's girlfriend, me and her mom found him an apartment to live in that was still close to his work. I hope it works out because we are all stressed out like it is nothing else.
     Well our good friend Brett, would like to room with us so I shall be finding an apartment with him here pretty quickly. It will just be about an hour away from here, which I don't mind; it is better than being all the way in Cali. So possibly by the end of the month I will be in Cali to get all our apartment stuff out of storage so then we can move all our stuff in when Brett and I move in. Which is great and all but moving takes a lot of time and I am in school so I am possibly going to miss one class. 
     Speaking of moving, the past couple days I have been moving. Surprisingly it only took 2 days to get all my stuff out of my room and over to my parents house BUT I also didn't have any furniture to move other than my little bookshelves. So that wasn't too bad I just spent most of my days doing it. Then yesterday I helped my bestie Diana move from her parents to her new apartment. It has just been crazy the past couple weeks. Things, mainly not so good things, happening every day. I did get to talk to Chris yesterday morning so that definitely helped ease my stress. 
     I was expecting to be able to relax a little and destress last night but that did not happen. My mother-in-law ended up going to the hospital.. Yeah not so good. Her blood pressure got really high and caused her back muscles to spaz. When I got a call that she was in the hospital that did not help my stress level. (I finally had my stomach under control but now its fighting back again.) The twins were at the neighbors house they asked me if I could go get them and watch them while they were at the hospital. I was more than happy to, I didn't want the girls freaking out because things were out of wack. So I got to go watch them, and my mom was nice enough to help me. :) I made popcorn on the stove so we could eat it while we watched cartoons since there was no use in putting them to bed since they knew what was going on. They would have kept getting up and asking me questions and all sorts of stuff. Its funny because I knew they were tired but yet they would tell me that they weren't and when my in-laws got home it was I'm so tired I want to sleep. Lol, Success!! Any who, we had little juice boxes and made this video mind you its not awesome but its something.
I was planning on a completely different post but that can wait till tomorrow. 
If you could please pray for my in-laws, that would be awesome.

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