Monday, July 11, 2011

1st Day of Summer Quarter

I am now off of summer break (which was only 3 weeks) and back at school. I am glad to be back in school though. I can never handle extensive amounts of time with nothing to do. I remember back in grade school (I sound like an old woman haha) the summer was always so long and by the middle of it I would just want to go back to school so I would have something to do and get to see my friends. Well this time I don't want a whole lot of time to do nothing, mainly due to the fact that I miss my hubby a whole bunch. I do wish I had more time, like while I was in California, to make things so I could show y'all. I hope that will happen this quarter since I am not taking 17 credit hours this time (Praise the Lord). I am only taking 13 credit hours so it should be a breeze.
I haven't had a good pass couple of days but everything is starting to look up. I did a small devotional this morning from our daily bread website. The one for today, July 11th, specifically says "Focusing on what’s wrong can cause us to miss everything that’s good." Which the recently I have had a real big issue with. Its like I got smacked in the face and made me realize that all my energy needs to be used better. So today was a good day :), at least so far. My roommate for upstairs texted me a little bit ago and said that the a/c was out, again. Keeping positive, keeping positive. Just looks like I wont be staying there tonight so I wont be finishing the rearrangement of my room, darn. It has been way too hot up there anyways which didn't help my mood all last week. I could not stop sweating when I was trying to sleep. Anywho..  I don't have any pictures to post, I should have some later though. 

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