Friday, March 4, 2011


I wore this yesterday and couldn't get in a good picture besides this one with Busa coming to lay in my lap with his bone lol. I was recently given corduroy leggings, the best part about them is that the but has pockets! :) So I knew that I needed to wear them soon and with limited resources to shirts I choose my grey baggy shit with a rope that goes with it; with of course my warm black stripe textured cardigan. Also with my lovely heel boots, which are my favorite boots and I pretty much wear them with everything. 

I finally finished my self portrait last night before Chris came home from work. :) 
I have to print it out today and mount it. I want to make some more portraits but not like this one. I've been working on this one every day for the past 2+ weeks without a wacom board. I am going to make one for Julie, for practice :). This one just took so long since I'm so new with it but I am slowly getting better. 
Gas is getting way too expensive, the cheapest around me is now 3.73 and I have to drive over 100 miles round trip just to go to school, and this quarter its 3 times a week.. but I only have 3 weeks left after today so hopefully it wont get really pricey to the point I can't make it to school. Needless make it back to Texas.
Last night Chris taught me how to use the grill :). I grilled salmon and it turned out really really well, I didn't take a picture of it because we were both really hungry. But just know that it was really good and if you would've been at our house last night you would've been in for a treat lol.


  1. You always have the cutest outfits! I don't think i could pull off leggings... my thighs are too big lol but you, as always, look cute! Can't wait to have you back home love!!!!

  2. Cute and cute! I am guessing if you had a wacom board it wouldn't have taken so long?


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