Monday, March 21, 2011

Florida Clambake

 After we found out the news that Chris would be leaving sooner rather than later I made this wonderful meal for us. Which it is also one of the recipes that is in my lovely cookbook :) It's called Florida Clambake, and it was super yummy. It consisted of a lobster tail and 10 clams each with corn on the cob and quarter potato seasoned with dry onion soup and butter. I couldn't eat all of mine and ended up letting Christina have half of my tail since she never had lobster before. :) But, I did eat all my clams no problem. :P
Here's the reminisce of what was left after Chris made it through his and I was halfway done. Man it was so good, and it was my 2nd time ever using the grill so I was pleased.

My internet keeps going out and our channels keep going unavailable. Let's just say that I am happy to get rid of Time Warner Cable. I've just had too many problems with them and I'm ready to get rid of it, and get Verison back. (Btw, there isn't Verison Fios out here :( )

Yay for getting back on the ball on my blog :)


  1. Now I'm hungry! That looks so good. So proud of you hon! Can I talk you into making some for us?

  2. Yeah if you buy the ingredients! Seafood is pricey lol

  3. I cant wait for you to be home!!!!!!


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