Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ink, ink everywhere :)

For my final project in my digital illustration class I am to come up with a promotional poster for an industry of my choice. And what do you know I choose a Tattoo Shop. :) Mind you this isn't for a real tattoo shop but that's okay.
Here's my sketch for the layout.
The tattoo shop is called Corn Fed Texas Bred. Both Chris and I really like it, since were proud of our state n all :p. I'm finishing up the Logo, which will be the biggest part of the poster, and the background will be different tattoos but opaque so it is not the focal point and so there are some examples. It is due Friday so I will be working hard to get this done while trying to finish packing and such. 

Not only is my last project on Tattoos, this is my 3rd project I've done on tattoos lol, AND today I will be getting another part of my half sleeve. It's the last part I will be getting done till Chris comes back but that's okay, I can finish it later. Plus I want this guy to finish it because he knows what I'm going for and has done a really good job so far. :) 

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