Thursday, March 17, 2011

playing catch up

Man oh man! Talk about stressful, we are down to just needing to pack the last minute things. My mom will be coming the middle of next week to help drive down back home to Texas. It's going to be one emotional ride, including the drive home lol. I thought that we would fill our roommates old room to the brim but so far not so much but granted not everything is in there. I've got one final down and 3 more to go. Woohoo.

My sinus' have been going crazy as of this week. I've been trying to stay away from dairy but I keep craving ice cream lol. I got butterfinger ice cream and it is delicious lol. 

I finished my menu for Grid Systems. Granted when I printed it my font did not come out because it was protected.. BUT I made a JPG of it with the proper font I used. I remade a menu for a restaruant back in Plano, Texas called Zenna. It is one of my favorite places to eat! I love sushi and Japanese food and they have a lunch special every day, SOOOO GOOD. Anyways, here it is :) I got the strongest grid in the class which I am very proud of :). 

It is a tri-fold, where the light blue lines are is where it folds. I made the logo and the octopus in illustrator :). Which I am proud of :) I'm exploring Illustrator now that I am able to use it.

Sorry for such a large break, I had so much to get done and it is finally lightening up. So hopefully Ill be able to keep up even while I am on the road to go home.

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