Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On Display

I apologize I haven't been on my game the past couple days. So much homework so little time, got a prego scare which today proved that I wasn't (Thank Goodness), our room mate moved out so we could use his room for storage of all our boxes before we get a storage space, my 21st bday this month and actually getting to spend it with Chris (the last two we didn't get to celebrate together, which I don't think we spent his last 3 together.. anyways), trying to prep as well as possible for this next deployment, figuring out what goes in storage and what goes with me back to Texas.. I just have way too much to think about.
Last quarter I was in Typography, Form & Space, Electric Layout, and Image Manipulation. I recently found out that I got an award for Best of Quarter in Electric Layout. :) But a couple things went on display from a couple classes. In Typography, my typeface that I hand rendered made it :). Also my journal from Form & Space made it. They finally put them on display so I took pictures, lol.
 My journal is the one top right. They didn't really do a good job with the display with the journals.
My typeface is Peachy, the one in the top right corner. My friends Ceaser and Samona both got a piece displayed. Ceasers is the guy holding the crescent roll for C and Samona's is the one above his which was an A for Atlantis. If you could get a closer look hers is super detailed.

I've got lots of stuff to do today, homework for tonights class, hopefully go to the grocery, and hopefully pack a little more but homework is def. a priority.

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