Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quick Project - Tote

Last Tuesday I decided last minute that I was going to make a tote, that was better than the bag that I have been using which was black with a purple band on one side. I wanted something with more pattern so I dug into my box of fabric and tried to find something that I had plenty of. I wanted to fit my 14 by 18 sketch book in it but ended up not making it big enough to fit it, but thats okay because thats easy to carry. I made this cute tote.
It is reversible, one side is little bitty flowers (on the left) and the other side is little bitty white polka dots, its hard to see both of what the pattern is exactly.  I can fit my laptop and all my other supplies that I need for class in it so it makes me happy. Eventually I am going to add to it so then it's not just a pattern. But that will be when I have more free time, and we will see when that is lol. 

The first week of the winter quarter has came and past, we didn't really learn a whole lot since the first week is when we go over the syllabus for each class and get to know each other. But, I must say that I am stocked for digital illustration. I have wanted to learn how to use illustrator for years. 
Tonight in Grid Systems I will be working on my first project of the quarter. I will be making a poster with only graphics and typefaces, that also has to be about one of the principles of design. Once I get it on a computer I shall post what I am doing. :)

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  1. I am impressed that its a reversible tote :) Good job hon!


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