Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Great Grandma's: red purse

This is one of the many things that I got after my Grands passed away. It does have a thin strap, but the left loop fell off awhile ago and haven't fixed it. Its bigger than it seems in the pictures, its about a foot wide and 10 inches long, and bright red (as you can see, lol).
I've been thinking about making some purses like it, hopefully it wont be too hard. It is a little dirty from using it in high school with my pen caps getting lost, but I still love it. Every so often I'll post something that was my Grands' since she was so special to me, and I feel like it is a way of appreciating her even though she's not with us anymore.

Last night when I was working on my laptop sleeve I was using some Wal-mart thread I got a while back to sew chevrons on some marine uniforms and it kept jamming my machine. So for those who sew, avoid Wal- mart. Granted I'm not one for buying much from Wal-mart but that was what was close and I didn't know we had a fabric store. 

Here's a picture of my lovely puppy Busa. :) 
I figured I post a picture of him, since he has been so wonderful today. :)

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