Saturday, January 22, 2011

Last two days have been hectic

School two days in a row, both days starting at 5:30 and going 90 to nothing, I can officially say that I am exhausted. We started working in illustrator yesterday, happy face! :) And in our in class work this is what I created, or rather everyone did the same thing but I am just so extatic. I have learned some of the basics so I can do my poster that is due on Tuesday.

I have started my transfer process to go back home to my Texas home. I miss it so much out there and can not wait to get back. Yesterday, I looked super cute. I'll post a picture later on so then everyone can see. Which, on that note, I have decided that I am going to be posting on here a lot more and more than just Graphic Design, and school; its going to be on the things that I really enjoy. For example, clothes, shoes, crafts, sewing, cooking, Busa (my lovely puppy doxie), and such things.

Something that I though was pretty interesting happened after my English class on Thursday. My professor asked me where I was from, most people out here in Southern California can't really hear my Texas accent since it is pretty slight and I just sound like a normal person I guess. He actually could here the little accent that I do have, which took me by surprise, but I was glad someone noticed. :)

I am in need of some help with my blog, I would like it to look not so plain and better than it does now. So today I will be working on my blog, after I get some homework done, got to have my priorities in line. :) Hopefully I will be able to update it here soon.

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