Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thumbnails for Principle of Design poster

Just to let y'all know, thumbnails are basically concept drawings, there is little details because it is mainly for ideas and that is what is taken and make a rough from. A rough is more detailed so you can figure out what it is that is exactly wanted to do a figure out the tweaking in order to come up with the final product.

 Rhythm is what I was going with the flower originally I had "Rhythm is Everywhere" at the bottom. But later decided that the petals would be turned into type so then instead of lines the text would make the shape of the pedals.

 I can't remember what principle I was going for with this one lol, but it was just an idea that I was playing with. I would have an arch of a rainbow but instead of lines and color the type would say the color over and over in the shape of the arch.

For this one I was going for shape. For the back ground there would be silhouettes of trees, and the front middle tree would be made out of type.
  This one is pretty to the point, its a cloud with rain falling from it and the rain is actual type that says rain, and then forms into a puddle on the ground.
 I was obviously going with movement with the tornado. In the tornado I orignally had movement in it once. But after critiques we thought that having more type in the tornado. It could be just random letters and have "movement" with a fuller type so then it stands out.
This one is similar to the tornado but I guess you could say that it is a little slower. A cup spills on the table and as it tinkles off the drops form words like, mess and spill. One thing that I like better than just the drops spelling out things is more just random type and it spilling off, so it looks more like movement.

We are suppose to do this in Illustrator, but the only issue for me on that one, is that I have no idea how to use Illustrator. I'm good at Photoshop.

Tell me what you think and if you have any suggestions I would definitely like to read them.

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  1. I like the concepts. Very creative, having the letters be part of the picture :) I really like the tornado and the rain cloud. And would love to see what the flower looks like with the 'type' as you called it.


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