Thursday, June 14, 2012

Finals this Week

The reason why things haven't been normal on here is due to my finals. This week has just been out of wack for me since Chris is now in Arizona and finals, and working. Trying my best to not stress out.
Last night we had a big thunderstorm here in Dallas and my poor car got hit and my windshield got chipped. :( But here are a couple of my ads that I turned in.

There are some slight changes that need to be done to the them but just haven't gotten around to them yet since I just got done with classes last night. These were for my photo art direction class. All the photos for the ads were taken by me. :)

Ad #1 - Mushroom beauty product (Weil)
Ad #2 - Forever 21
Ad #3 - Target brand bones (Boots & Barkley)


  1. Hi Meagan, Trust finals went well.
    Comments on your ads.
    #1 - If you were aiming for the older generation I think the print needs to be bigger.
    #2 - Great - eye catching.
    #3 - What about "Promotes Reduction of..." Rather than Promotes Plaque..." It is more of a positive statement.

    All for now,
    Gramps Henderson

    1. Finals did go well, ended up with 3 B's and an A.
      Thank you for your feed back. :)


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