Monday, June 25, 2012

Salmon Polka

Finally I get a chance to take pictures of one of my favorite outfits! It was a rainy day when I got the chance to take pictures, but thankfully I was able to do it before it started. :)
Last week was super hectic especially for being my first week of my break. I worked 5 days and ran my butt off every day. Needless to say I am exhausted and didn't really get a chance to do anything super productive like I wanted to. Good news is that I will have more time this week :) There is so much I want to create, just have to make time to do it. I also updated my portfolio for an inquiring merchandiser last week so every minute I had went to that and sleep. I'm just excited that I'm working a lot, not only at work but at home.

Hat from Charming Charlies.
Shirt and shorts from Forever 21.
Shoes from DSW.

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