Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Independence Day!!

I know, I'm a day late but that's alright. I've spent the last couple days celebrating! :) Which it just so happened none of my phone pictures turned out, but my friends took a couple. :) We went to Kaboom Town in Addison, which they did on the 3rd this year so it was a pre-celebration. We had a lot of fun. :)

Yesterday my mother-in-law treated me and the twins (and herself of course) to mani's and pedi's. This was mainly because it is Chris' parents 25th anniversary!! She was just sweet enough to treat me as well. Which I am very grateful for! I have been stressing a lot more then I should, and work and Chris moving everything is just having my head spin some times. We also had a picnic at their house, before the fireworks. My mom and I ended up leaving early due to me feeling ill. I didn't take any pictures, but I let the twins play with the water-proof camera.

 Yesterday all of my joints were in pain, mainly dull but every so often it would get really sharp and then go back to being dull. It was really weird but thank goodness I am fine today, so I can function normally. I did have a good 4th of July though!

How was your 4th of July?


  1. Aw, looks like you had fun. I'm sorry your joints were giving you problems
    :( Hope you're feeling better now.

    I didn't do much for the 4th- no fireworks, though I would've loved that. Just a nice burger/chips/baked beans/icecream/etc. dinner, which I'm not complaining, it was good.

    1. I did have lots of fun :) I am feeling a lot better now, thank you.
      That sounds fun to me! We normally set off fireworks but since both my roommate and Chris weren't in town I just decided to watch them, at least on the 3rd. On the 4th I just stayed in that night, and watched tv since I wasn't feeling too hot. I'm glad you had a good 4th though!


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