Saturday, July 7, 2012

SD Card, Oh Where Can You Be?!

I cannot find my 8gig SD card that I use for my DSLR Nikon D40. :( I've been looking for it for days and it cannot be found. Watch it will be in under the couch cushions, haha. I normally put it away when I'm done putting files on my hard drive but not this time. I might have just been in a rush and put it some where.. but I looked in all of those spots lol.
While I am working on the problem, I will be editing photos that I did save. Hopefully I put all of them on my computer now that I think about it. Good greif.. 

Here is a preview of what I was working on. This is my all time favorite of my little Busa. Even though he was on his leash the whole time he was just so ecstatic to be outside and at the lake.
Out of all the photos that I had of us at the lake this (and a couple of others) are the only ones that I had saved to my hard drive. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will find my SD card!

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