Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Work, school, work, more work and more school

I've pretty much been either at school or at work. I'm a little stressed out but trying my hardest to not flip out. I just recently finished a quarter at school so I have some final things that I can share. :) My packaging actually changed again before I finally finished it. I should probably email my teacher to see if can get the pictures we took of it.
  I figured I could start my posts off by showing some of the other things that I did last quarter.
  This is one of my 2 page spreads that I did. It was based on an article that I found on the internet. The only thing that I did not create was the text because I took it from the text. I can't find the link that I got the article from but I am very pleased with my illustration. :P :)
I wont show the other two page spread since it doesn't look as good as this one and is kinda disturbing. The article of the other one has to do with guns and how the police are concerned with how much toy guns look like real guns. For the article I photoshopped a picture of kids running and put guns in their hands..It is rather scary.

  Something else that I am proud of from the same class was an info graphic that I put together.
It gets rather difficult to read the time line at the bottom but this is 13 by 19 so in print its def readable. Now that I look at it I would go back and change a little things to it, but over all I like it. Especially since it is my frist info graphic ever done. Which makes me want to do some more.
For those who don't know, I am allergic to High Fructose Corn Syrup so doing this info graphic was very personal. There is nothing about HFCS that I like. It isn't natural, and it isn't good for you. They say it is "good in moderation" but it is in EVERYTHING and not just as HFCS there's dextrose and other weird names. When my allergy was extremely bad it would take my mom and I hours to go grocery shopping because we had this huge list of derivatives to look for on each label of things that we wanted to buy. Now that my allergy isn't as bad, thanks to acupuncture, I can eat things without having to do the reading of labels; but I still try to avoid it. One thing that I have found that helps is making things from scratch, granted it takes more time to do but it is so much tastier and definitely healthier.
  In my spare time I have been cooking a lot more and taking into consideration our health a lot more. I will begin to share some of my secrets and little things that I do to help. I feel like I got off track but I am very passionate about food and what I put in my body. I wish I did more but with such a hectic schedule it gets a little difficult.

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