Friday, February 24, 2012

Packaging: Simply Sweet

For my 3D application class (i.e. packaging class), I have been working on packaging for a sugar company that I made up. I called it Simply Sweet. My make-shift sugar company produces Light Agave Nector, Dark Amber Agave Nector, Pure Sugar Cane and Pure Sugar Cane with Vanilla. All liquid sugars, they come bottled and in little sugar packets. With that being said here is what I have so far.

Left: Updated version. Right: First version.

  At the beginning I really had no idea what direction I wanted to go, but after getting input from classmates and my professor that changed. I knew exactly what I was wanting and went with it. I really like my updated version a whole lot better. :D


  1. I seriously love what you did with this. You're clearly meant for design.

  2. Well thank you, it actually changed like 2 more times but I don't have any pictures of it. I still need to take pictures of it. I love designing, its so fun and now that my skills are getting better and I'm developing a style I am getting even better. :)


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