Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reviewing the past: Typography 3

I actually did some pretty interesting things design wise last quarter. I figured that I could jump start my blog by posting some of the previous projects that I did. I don't know how many of these "Reviewing the past" posts there will be but I'm just going to go with it.

  One of my first projects I did last quarter was that I needed to create a portrait using only type. I could not use any graphic of any kind, and I had to illustrate a person. I decided to go with Hayley Williams from the band Paramore since I knew it would give me some space to be a little more expressive and have some fun. :)
  It is a 11 x 17 print, and looks great printed. Not so much up close since the type acts like pixels so the further away from it you stand the more you can see the details. I used one of the pictures of Hayley singing and then made a fake event (since it was for school and clearly not real).

  I have decided that I will be getting up at 6am every morning to start my day. I actually succeeded this morning and feel great! I was a zombie at first and didn't like it but I wasn't rushed! I love not being rushed it makes me feel like everything will be okay, like I'm at peace with the world I guess. I got to school a half an hour early!! So instead of going inside I stayed in my car, clipped some coupons that I received in the mail yesterday and read a couple articles in my military spouse magazine. Even though my hubby is no longer active duty I still like reading it. This issue is geared towards moving and has some very helpful tips. We've (mainly I) have moved 5 times already since we've been married.. That is way too many in a little over 2 years but sometimes that is just how it works. Back to the articles, they have great tips for the actual moving part and then some when you get to the place that you are going to live. This is going to really come in handy for our move in late June. I'm contemplating having a moving sale before we leave and then just getting different things once we get out to Arizona. Mainly the big things like the couches and possibly the bed, some other furniture. But then keep the stuff for school, the kitchen and the little things just get rid of the big things. My only concern is that would that have us loose money rather than gain it? If it evens out, that is perfectly okay with me, I just don't want us to be financially compromised due to the move its self.

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