Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10 lovlies

 I have been looking at etsy a lot more lately and found somethings that could be great gifts for fathers day. So I figured I would do my lovelies in honor of the fathers and if you need any ideas.
What man doesn't like guns?

 My husbands side of the family is really into antiques. I thought this was really cute.
 cute little guitar magnets
 This fits our family well lol. The girls are always soooooo freaking loud!

 Father's day card
 This is actually customized and can be done how ever you would like. But is something that dad could easily hang up in his office. :)

As many of you know I love octopi, hinting towards my tattoo. So if your dad likes them too and needs a cig holder or hard wallet he'd most likely like this one.

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  1. Father's day is right around the corner! Where does the time go? These are great idea's. Thanks for sharing!


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