Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Case of the Mondays

Yesterday just about everyone I ran into, except Chris, was having issues. At school we couldn't use the T drive, which has all the professor's folders on it. The computers were glitchy and my poor little 500 gig hard drive is dieing.. :( Oh and when I visited my mom at work they were having computer issues too. So I blamed it on being a case of the Mondays :)/ Besides all that it was still a good day, just stuff decided to not work.
I was going to do a blog post about it yesterday, but when I got home I didn't even want to cook. I'm just plain old tired. I did get a lanyard done for my shop though! :) Finally got one that looks good and is done properly. Once I do my product shots I will definitely share them! :) Another reason yesterday's post didn't happen is because of my hard drive. I can't save or edit any file on it what so ever so I am now in the process of attempting to get everything onto my smaller 350 gig hard drive that I got when I started school. Which I had to reformat it since I don't use Windows at all anymore. I just need to have a back up just incase my main one goes out. With it having me not able to save things to it is causing homework issues, blog issues, freelance issues, just issues all around. I'll be getting me another one, 500 gigs to 1 tera byte to keep at home as a home base and thats where everything is type of thing.
  While transferring information it stopped working.. :( it unplugs itself randomly. I thought it was the cord, but I changed cords 3 times already. It's just time to get another one.

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