Monday, May 7, 2012

I Love Garage Sales, without the dizzies

Around the middle of May, my mom and I had a garage sale. I would have posted this sooner, but earlier that week and the two weeks following them I had really bad vertigo spells. It was weird because I had vertigo a good month almost 2 months before and it went away and then while I was at work 3 weeks ago (almost 4 now :( ) I couldn't balance myself and was all sorts of dizzy. I waited to see if it would go away, since the doctor last time said that it just takes time for it to go away especially if its not the inner ear that is giving problems. Last time they gave me steroids and an antibiotic and pretty much said to sleep it off till it went away, which after a couple of weeks it did. But this time, no such luck. My mom went to our chiropractor and told him about my vertigo issues and he told her that he actually treats that! I thought it was perfect! I went in last week and we did some x-rays and he felt my neck and skull to see if there were any abnormalities. Of course there were, apparently my neck was swollen. I didn't notice the fact that it was swollen mainly due to the fact it didn't feel swollen, it felt normal.
  Today we looked over my xrays and turns out that my neck is flat (as in straight) when a healthy neck has a natural curve, not only is it straight but it is also crooked so it leans a little to one side which then brings us to my skull where that is off balance too, as well as my jaw. Now I will be going to therapy weekly so I can hopefully get back to normal. I've been to my doc 3 times in the past 6 days, and it has been working! I feel so much better, I only had one dizzy spell today and that was while I was at school. It feels so good to feel better. Granted, I'm not completely fixed but it is just really nice to be able to function and think clearly.
  Back to the garage sale..When we moved all our stuff from California back to Texas we had a lot of stuff we needed to get rid of. I felt like we only needed like 1/3rd of what we brought back. The rest was either trashed (because it was broken or not sellable) or put in boxes to put in the garage sale. I'm happy to report that lots of the stuff is gone and did pretty well on it money wise. It was hard for me to stay outside the whole time or move a whole lot due to my vertigo, but I have the best mom in the world and she helped with it especially when I was unable to.  Some of the stuff that was from when I was little and just collected dust. Like my dolphins and whales that I used to bathe with. :) Definitely brought back memories.

  I got really sunburnt, and oddly for that matter. The top of my right arm was crispy, of course the top of my breasts were burnt, the top of my feet where my toms don't cover and my knee caps. My knee caps! Of all the places to get burned its just my knee caps, haha. Talk about awkward. They started peeling the other day and it was weird just to have my knee caps peel.
  Here's a cute picture of my puppies cuddling together after the garage sale :). I love my Busa and my Toby.

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