Thursday, May 24, 2012

School Work Logos

I always say that I am busy but its hard to understand how busy I am if you don't see what I have been       up to.  Here are some of my logos from the previous quarter that I created at school.

I'd have to say the Catfish Sam's logo was a little more difficult than the rest of them. It was an interesting project. My professor wanted me to make it look very rugged and not very attractive looking, which I tried to do mind you, but it just wouldn't work. I'd do it the way that he wanted and then he wouldn't like it (probably went through that a good 6 times). Thats when I finally just completely changed it to where the whole body was visibile and then manipulated the typeface. It was a fun process to say the least. :)

P.s. For some odd reason the first two sentences won't align to the left, its even in the html to do it and no matter what I do it won't stop being centered.  -_-


  1. I like them. My fav's are: Cowboy's, Damian's and Catfish Sam's!

    1. The funny part about the Damian's is that my professor didn't even critique that one. He was all wrapped up in my Catfish Sam's logo. lol


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