Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Look for Blog

As you can see if you are at my blog (and not a reader) my blog has been upgraded! :) Which makes me so happy! To be honest, I didn't like the feathers but it was just something and it was something I actually did in illustrator, but I just didn't like the way it looked on here. 

The reason I actually got to get this done is because this morning my Social Psychology professor was really sick and we got out of class super duper early. I was going to go home, but it was a waste of gas and time so I figured I would just stay at school until my afternoon class. Since I am here from 8am to 5pm I really didn't want to use my spare time to do homework.. that sounds horrible haha. All seriousness I'm spending all day learning, I need to have some creative time. I am very happy to say that 3 hours was well worth it. Worked from the ground up, and a brand new idea that I didn't think of earlier. 

I'm just so excited :)


Thank you for taking a peek at my blog, feel free to leave a comment. I always enjoy reading comments and definitely like feedback. Have a fantastic day, and thank you for visiting my lovely blog. <3 Meggerz :)

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