Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Full Day In Pictures

Tuesdays are my full days this quarter. I have school from 8am 'till 5pm, and then when I get home I normally cook and do something else productive, other than school work. My brain is normally exhausted from being in school all day so I'll do other things once I get home.

  I woke up later than planned (which has been happening a lot lately) and took Busa outside to go potty. There is this ugly, creepy bug that has been outside our apartment for the last couple days and only moves a little bit every so often. (Picture 1) Busa took his time to do his business, he even stopped to look at me and see what I was doing, haha. (Picture 2) Took Chris to work (I will explain why he isn't driving his bike in another post), got stuck in traffic and got to school a little late but thats okay. Me taking notes, writing in my planner and coming up with reasons as to why I need to replace my current DSLR camera. (Picture 3)

  After my second class I headed home and pick up my hubby, and on my way to his work I saw this BBQ place called "OH MY BBQ" it caught my attention and made me giggle a little and I had to take a picture to share. (Picture 4) Lastly I picked up my wonderful hubby from work. He doesn't like his picture being taken so I took one when he wasn't looking. ;) (Picture 5)
  The picture on the right is me wearing one of my home made lanyard. (Picture 6) This was the first completely done lanyard that I plan on selling in my Etsy shop. There is still some kinks to work on but it is a start. Rome wasn't built in a day so I can't expect to have these be perfect the first day that I get them up and running. 

Is there anything that you have been working on lately? Any cool little dives that you have seen or visited? Do you have a day that is fuller than the rest of the week? 

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